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Changing Your Mindset to Change Your Weight

We’ve all done at least one fad diet to lose weight quickly and hopefully keep it off. We’ve all said we were fat or needed to lose a few pounds to just be a better or happier version of ourselves. Yet for some reason nothing works. Well I am going to share with you 3 mind tricks that helped me lose 25lbs this past year.

Photo by: LaShauna Bell

1. Think about “releasing” weight not “losing” weight.I don’t know about you but when I lose something I want to get it back. By thinking about releasing weight and not losing it, you may feel less inclined to get it back and keep those pounds off.

2. It’s fuel, not food.When I think about food my mind immediately goes to fries and desserts. However, if I think about what would fuel my body and help me get through the day I think about grilled chicken and even some veggies. Just a different perspective on what you think about the things you put in your body can change how you consume.

3. Working it not working out. I HATE working out but give me a good playlist to sing and dance to and I can make it. Don’t be afraid to dance alone in your room as a workout because any activity counts! Do what makes you feel confident and cute!

Hopefully this flip in mindset will help you shed a few pounds or at least help you pick salad over pizza every once in a while. Perspective is everything so change yours and change you.



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