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As a child, I never had many things I truly felt like I was a part of. I wasn’t put in sports like soccer or softball, like my peers.I didn’t do gymnastics or cheerleading or dance, even with the positive spirit I grew up as. I was a child, who outside of school, never really did anything besides play with my toys and go outside to run around with my dogs (yes- I can tell how southern that sounds and I am not ashamed). But it left me with a catchphrase- a certain phrase I would ALWAYS sayto my parents, and they probably detested it: “I’m bored." ButI always felt bored, because I never had any specific tasks to do, which left me to my own devices all the time. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice being able to relax 24/7 and play all the time, but all my siblings were 9 to 15 years older than me, so I didn’t have a lot of company. I mean honestly, you can only expect a child to stay entertained for so long before they start getting all over the place. That child was always me, a hyperactive, over-talkative child that thought things through a lot faster than my mouth could form words; that changed abruptly in high school and college.

Once high school and college came upon me, I was constantly doing things- I was a part of multiple extra-curricular groups and organizations, I was actively volunteering, and I even got jobs with some pretty heavy hours from the beginning, as well as being a band member and Flag Captain for our Auxiliary line. Basically, my whole world turned upside down and I suddenly had to organize my time and figure out how to even get some sleep in between all the crazy. I loved always having things to do and all the opportunities to meet people and socialize and help others, but even the most extraverted person needs a break and some alone time. Especially since I had always been someone who was used to having ample amounts of time to do nothing by myself, this was a difficult change.

In the end, it was a transition that helped me grow as an individual and I was certainly able to test my limits and learn new things about myself. I don’t have everything completely figured out, but I have a unique understanding and a new perspective, as someone who is used to going with the flow, while still knowing the complete and utter importance of organization and time management. It’s very important to learn this for yourself and see what a healthy balance is for you, because sometimes you put more on your shoulders than is necessary, and you need to think of yourself and your health first.

I'm a freshman in college learning to love myself, and loving to learn.
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