BTS “Love Yourself: Her” Album Review

BTS (Korean:방탄소년단), one of my favorite K-Pop groups, has released their long-awaited album "Love Yourself: Her".

It contains 9 tracks (with two hidden tracks which are only accessible on the physical copy) . The album's selective mix of addictive songs has me replaying them on a constant basis. 

The first song is "Intro: Serendipity".

"Intro: Serendipity" is such a well-crafted song, and I am in love with it. It is a sweet, slow song featuring the beautiful, brilliant vocals of BTS member, Jimin. The song is carried by a smooth, digital bass. Serendipity is a great song to listen to when you’re feeling romantic. The  music video is just as spectacular with Jimin’s stunning visuals, so go watch it if you can.  

The second song on the album is "DNA’", the title track song.

"DNA" is such a special track that it hit over 20 million views on YouTube in a  matter of hours on the day of its release. As of now, as I am writing this, it is currently on its way to hitting over 50 million views. DNA is introduced by the main vocalist of BTS, Jungkook, who whistles the hook to the audience. We are thrown into the song by some fun guitar strumming, bright visuals, an addictive whistle and incredible choreography. From that point, the song turns into a bop that is truly enjoyable.

"Best of Me" is the third track, and is a collaboration of BTS and The Chainsmokers.

Best of Me surprised me, and was a really chill song with an awesome beat to it. However, it also seemed like something I would expect from a collaboration with the Chainsmokers. With dancy EDM sounds, a rising crescendo and decrescendo, "Best of Me" is undeniably fresh. It wasn’t my absolute favorite song on the album, but honestly, the best thing about this song is that it makes me smile.

"Dimple/Illegal" is the 4th featured song.

It happens to be a favorite song of mine because of the magical lyrics, “those dimples are illegal, no it’s dangerous, oh yes, so I call you ille-girl," and it's honestly the best thing. "Dimple" is full of animated instrumentals, and vocal runs that will be stained into your mind. It is a smooth song sung by the vocal line of BTS (#bessthem for their voices!). It is a really cute song, especially when you consider that it is about being besotted with a girl’s dimples when she smiles. It is an inviting song that compels you to dance and sing along; it is a bop.

"Pied Piper" is the 5th song and is a track dedicated to BTS fans (A.R.M.Y) that is also meant to diss them, and it is glorious. Even though it is not written in a negative light, the song was written to tell the A.R.M.Y not too obsess over them too much. BTS knows their fanbase well, and knows that  they will prioritize their time to overanalyze the music videos, make theories, make fanart and etc., rather than focusing on their own lives and education. BTS wrote the song hopes of letting the A.R.M.Y know that they greatly appreciate their love, but not to get personally hurt by the song. "Pied Piper" is a great song with a wonderful beat and melody, with vocals and rap verses that are addicting.

"Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech" is the next track, and the Award Speech that the BTS Leader, Rapmonster, gave when BTS won the Top Social Award. It’s a heart-felt speech that is inspiring.

No BTS album is complete without at least ONE Hip Hop/Rap song. The song has the dirtiest bass I’ve ever heard: MIC Drop. If you ever want to know how BTS disses their haters, give this song a listen. This song was a direct dedication to those who doubted BTS’s success, and references their success despite the hate. With it’s amazing heavy bass, catchy beat, genius verses and chorus, they shut down any haters. It’s so aggressive and such a good song that I am constantly hitting the repeat button.

"Go Go" is song number 8, coming in with a tropical beat! This reggae-tinged song is catchy, especially with its chorus that repeats the acronym “YOLO”. “Go Go” is a song that talks about societal issues, which is something BTS does well. This track, disguised by a catchy vibe, goes into depth about the “YOLO” generation and their spending mentality and carelessness; something we can all relate to. This track is one that will stay in your head, and is personally one of my favorite songs from this mini album.

The last song on this mini album is "Outro: Her"

"Outro: Her” is a mellow track featuring powerful rap performances and its rich beat is the best thing I've ever experienced musically. The mellow piano in the beginning sets the great tone of the song, then the transitions to a tape stop into a lo-fi hip hop sound flows so well... This song deserves so much love, I can't even put it into words. I truly enjoy the whole feel to this song.

With this comeback, BTS is destined to reach new heights! It is steadily rising on the Billboard Global 100 and gaining attention on social media. “Love Yourself: Her” brings out brand new sides of BTS, but also different aspects of what love is. I’d like to think this album will only get bigger and better as time goes on!