Books to Read Over the Break

I know that I have a really hard time reading for enjoyment during the school year, so I usually spend my breaks with my nose in a good book. Here are a few that I plan on reading during the winter break this year, as well as some books that I recommend for avid book lovers like myself. 

Nightingale by Amy Lukavics

            In this recently released YA horror novel, a young woman in the 1950s is committed to an asylum after she refuses to be the perfect daughter her parents want. Lukavics is one of my favorite horror authors and I am really excited to read her newest book. If this book is anything like her three others, I know I will not be able to put it down. Some of her other books to check out are The Women in the WallsDaughters Unto DevilsThe Ravenous.


Smoke by Ellen Hopkins

         Ellen Hopkins is one of my all-time favorite authors and is known for writing about very real and relevant topics. Smoke is the sequel to Burned which follows a girl who is disowned by her family and ends up questioning her belief in God. I personally am not religious but Burned was very powerful and a great read, so I look forward to reading Smoke. Other Ellen Hopkins books I recommend checking out are Impulse and its sequel Perfect, The Crank Trilogy, Tricks and its sequel Traffick.

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

         I have only read a handful of John Green’s books but Looking for Alaska is one of my top five favorites. This winter I am looking forward to reading his latest novel about a man who goes missing and a girl who decides to figure out what happens by getting close to his son. Some other John Green books that I really enjoyed are Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars, though there are many more I haven’t read. 



            While I may pick up a book or two not mentioned, these are ones I definitely want to cross off my list this winter break. I hope you guys check out some of these awesome novels or any of the other works by these authors not mentioned. Have a great break and I hope you read a good book!