The Best Shows to Binge

One of my favorite things to do, next to reading and writing, is binge watch a good television show. Whenever I have free time, I spend hours upon hours with my eyes glued to a screen. It doesn’t matter whether the show is on Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming service, I will sit down like a couch potato and watch it. I have watched several different television shows that have ranged from romantic comedies to horror/thriller. I truly enjoy spending time watching television shows because I find myself taking inspiration for my writing from them. So, below I will list a few of the shows I have watched over the years that are worth binging.


  1. Breaking Bad

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This show was one of the very first shows I ever watched on Netflix. Oddly enough, my mother and I were just scrolling through the list of shows on our Netflix queue and discovered this. Neither of us had heard anything about it so, we just decided to watch it. That was easily the best decision we could’ve ever made. This show is full of drug making, drug taking, murder, money and so much more. It’s a great show for people who like action and crime dramas.


  1. Sons of Anarchy

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If you’re into crime, fighting, sex and motorcycles, then this show is perfect for you. Even if you’re not into those things I still highly recommend watching this series. This is a drama that is based on the lives of a motorcycle crew who are using their club as a cover up in order to trade drugs and money. It’s such a great show filled with some good acting. Once I finished the first few episodes I couldn’t stop!

  1. Gilmore Girls

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This is for those of you who love a good romantic dramedy. Gilmore Girls is a lighthearted show about a single mother and her journey of raising a teenage daughter. Both deal with the constant ups and downs of love, family and friendships. This is one of my top favorite romantic shows that I’ve ever watched. It’s also a great show to binge watch with a couple of friends.

  1. The Office

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I know there has been this debate that’s been going on for years about whether The Office is funnier than Parks & Rec and vice versa. Coming from my totally unbiased opinion, The Office is most certainly the funnier show between the two. Hands down this show will have you screaming from laughter. Everything about this show is hilariously well put together from the crazy and sometimes very inappropriate characters to the crazy and always inappropriate situations they get themselves into.

This workplace comedy is the best show to get you out of your feelings and into some stomach curling laughter. I have watched this show all the way through three times in the span of only two years. That should prove just how bingeworthy this show is.


  1. The Haunting of Hill House

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In honor of it officially being spooky season, I thought I’d mention this gem of a horror television show. This show is so freaking disturbing, it’s insane! It tells the story of a family moving into this obviously haunted house, but everyone (especially the parents) are oblivious to the supernatural things going on. I typically don’t watch scary movies or tv shows, but one day my mother and I came across this. I had heard about it previously, but just hadn’t gotten around to watching it.

Let me tell y’all, after watching the first episode I was hooked. I finished this in only two days. Granted, there is only one season available on Netflix; however, it is totally worth the wait for a second season (which is coming soon!). I highly recommend this show for all of those who love a nice jump scare here and there.

There are several other shows I could list on here that I feel are bingeworthy, but for now, I will leave you all with this small list to start off with. So, if you find yourself having free time or you’ve recently finished a show and you don’t know what to watch next, try out any or maybe even all these amazing shows.