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BbyMutha: Your New Favorite Underground Female Rapper

I found BbyMutha on shuffle one day on Spotify while listening to Princess Nokia. The best way to describe her music is heavy drips of southern trap and hip-hop. I’ve always been attracted to off-the-wall and blunt styles when it comes to music. BbyMutha got my attention with her song “Rules.” A song preaching to women about not relying on another man for anything in her own vernacular. It is definitely something to listen to on a Stairmaster at the gym or a mean-mugging-strangers-on-my-walk-to- class kind of song.


Photo by Sharon Gong

            Bbymutha is a Tennessee native rapper who gives zero damns about what people think about her. At just 17 years old, she gave birth to her first set of twins, then seven years later one more set. She writes songs where she vents about some of her own life experiences and shares life advice with us about what she has learned over the years. She is powerful for reclaiming the stigma of being a single mother and rejects the limits imposed on her. Her content contains real-life scenarios from her life. She admits to Fader; her lyrics allow her to vent to everyone. She is not worried about the repercussions of her therapeutic flows. Her lyrics expose her thoughts as if we were her close friends.


I really enjoy listening to her music due to its raunchy female empowerment lyrics. Her stage name BbyMutha is inspired by the nay-sayers in her life who reduced her to only being a mother. She describes the epiphany as the end of an existential crisis about her artistic talent and whether or not to pursue music further. She does not want the term baby momma to be a derogatory word nor a reduction of someone’s identity. Her mission in her artistic pursuits is to empower single moms to embrace their true selves while being the best mom they can be. 

                        “Take some notes, stop spazzin’ for 


                        You’s a nobody

                        This her body, she do what she want

                        You can have her back

                        I’m just makin quota for the month.”

                        -I’m da shit x BbyMutha

            Consider listening to BbyMutha’s discography and other independent female artists because there is a new wave of female music coming. Many of us have been looking for artists to support in light of recent waves of artists involved in criminal activity or questionable moral moves. In 2019, everyone should broaden their music and follow BbyMutha. 

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