Red Roses

Arianna’s How To On Dating

I am by no means in the dating scene but here are some tips specially crafted by me.

  1. Say Yes! When I say this I mean when your friends say they want to hang out as a group, do it! Go to that gathering, meet people (make sure you are safe while doing so).           

            Knowing you already have mutual friends is always a good place to start. I have enjoyed being with my current boyfriend because his friends are my friends so when he goes to hang out with them, I am often right there with him.

  1. Be yourself. Don’t hide the kind of person you really are. If you can be the truest version of yourself, then they know what they signed up for.

            Be as weird as you can. When you are comfortable around someone, then your true personality starts coming out. If you think they can’t handle your full personality, then they ain’t the one for you.

  1. Look for the person who not only can make you laugh but can also hold a conversation with you.

            I remember the day that our friends bailed on us when we were supposed to be having dinner as friends, so it was just the two of us. I remember being surprised by how easy the conversation was. There were no awkward pauses or trying to impress one another. It was just simple. I talked and he listened. Even if it was about spiderman.

  1. Don’t settle.

            As the audio from Tik Tok that has been circling my “For You” page says, “if he wanted to then he would”. If someone cares for you, they will find ways to show you. Find someone who wants your happiness and supports your goals. Don’t settle for the bare minimum.