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Amy Lukavics

SFASU’s Subplots: Friends of the Creative Writers was honored to virtually host the YA horror author Amy Lukavics, who is the author of Daughters Unto DevilsThe Women in the Walls, The Ravenous, and the recently released Nightingale.


I have personally been a fan of her work for several months now after finding The Women in the Walls at my public library. I don’t usually read the “about the author” page, but for some reason, I did with this book. Her bio immediately stuck out to me because, along with the basic information about how she and her husband live in Arizona with her two “squidlings,” it also listed her hobbies. Some of which include playing D&D, roller derby, and video games. Here was this tattooed, nerdy mom and my first thought was “Omg, this is literally the coolest person ever.” I have depression and anxiety which often makes seeing a fulfilling future hard, but seeing Amy Lukavics, a published horror author who loves so many of the things I do, I felt like maybe one day that could be me. 


As soon as I finished the crazy twist-filled novel that is The Women in the Walls I had to read more of Lukavics’ work. When I picked up The Ravenous, I could not put it down. I was at the beach with my family and, instead of doing beach things, I sat under the umbrella and read. I don’t want to give anything away, but The Ravenous is about a military family and, having grown up in one myself, I really connected to this book. My dad has PTSD, so I personally know the effects that a military life can have on someone and their family. I feel like so often people depict the perfect military life and avoid talking about how, more often than not, it is anything but. Amy Lukavics did not avoid it at all and, while it is definitely fiction, it felt so real to me. 


After reading her books and following her on social media, I was ecstatic when she agreed to Skype with Subplots. Hearing about her adventures and struggles as a writer and all the advice she had to give was such an honor. (I was totally fangirling.) She was so kind and excited to talk to us. We could never thank her enough for her time and wisdom. If you guys haven’t checked out her work, I highly recommend it. You can follow her on Instagram at amy.lukavics and on Twitter @amylukavics. You can also find her website here.

Creative writing major who loves video games and horror movies
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