America’s Favorite Southern Girl is Back in A Major Way!

                                                                                                                             Photo Source: Apple Music

It’s been 10 years since Jessie James Decker released a full-length album. Back when she was just Jessie James, her self-titled debut album was released. In between time, she’s released 4 EPs, including a Christmas one, along with a slew of standalone singles. But her fans are in for a real treat with the release of “Southern Girl City Lights”. The album features 12 songs with the target edition receiving a 13th track. It’s pop, it’s country, and even has a nod into soul. Here’s a breakdown of each track:

1. Southern Girl City Lights

The title track of the album finds Jessie singing about being in the big city but there’s no place like home, which is her southern roots. You get a real feel for who Jessie is in this opener.


2. Fall in Love

Have you ever been in a situation where you try to fight the inevitable? This song is about trying to fight back your feelings but just realizing that your resolve is crumbling and your about to surrender to the wiles of love. This one is one that you’ll want to have the windows down, radio on full blast and singing your heart out.


3. Hold a Candle

Have you ever moved on from a relationship but you’re still stuck in the past? This song is about moving on but realizing that no one can hold a candle to your ex.


4. Almost Over You (featuring Randy Houser)

An old flame walks back into your life out of the blue and suddenly you’re back to wanting to pick up right where you left off. Jessie’s voice blends perfectly with Randy Houser’s. You’ll definitely be trying to hit those falsetto notes that Jessie does.


5. All Filled Up

A true love song about being all filled up with love from your significant other that nothing can possibly make you feel better.


6. Open All Night

This up-tempo song will definitely have you wanting to hit the dance floor. This song is about leaving a club but you don’t want the night to end, so Jessie sings about this place that’s open all night. It’s a good time all around.


7. Another Dumb Love Song

Are you still wondering about an ex? In this song, Jessie sings about wondering if an ex is thinking of her when she sings this song or if in fact this is just another dumb love song.


8. Do You

In this song, Jessie is singing about a love that she’s feeling and she’s trying to be patient but she just must know if this guy loves her the way that she loves him. I’m sure a lot of women and men alike have been in this position, so this one is relatable.


9. Hungry

This song is about a couple being broke and doing anything that they have to do to change their circumstance.


10. Pretty Girl

The song content is literally stated in the title. It’s an ode to women feeling confident and realizing that regardless of what someone may say about you, just know that when you look in that mirror you are a pretty girl. This song was written for Jessie’s little girl, Viviane Rose. The lyrics in this one is repetitive but I can definitely see this being an empowerment anthem for young girls and women alike.


11. Use Your Words

Jessie said she got inspiration for this song from her husband, Eric Decker. “Use Your Words” is about your partner or spouse not expressing their feelings and thoughts to you and feeling like you may have to walk if things don’t change.


12. Girl Like Me

Jessie sings about knowing her faults and wondering how she got an incredible guy to fall in love with a girl like her.


Bonus Track

13. Flip My Hair

This is a fun upbeat song about dissing the people who passed her by, whether it be an ex or people who doubted she’d be where she is today. The lyrics are so fun and catchy! I imagine this one is going to be on repeat for a while to come. Here’s a link to Jessie performing it in case you can’t get the Target edition:


All in all, I think that the album is fantastic. There are a lot of songs that I find relatable and I’m sure plenty of other people will too!  You can definitely tell that Jessie put her heart and soul into this one. The stand out tracks are: “Pretty Girl,” “Do You,” “All Filled Up,” “Flip My Hair,” (if you can get your hands on the Target edition) “Use Your Words,” “Girl Like Me” and “Fall in Love.” This album is definitely worth the wait for longtime fans, and a great introductory to new ones. Don’t sleep on this album, because Jessie James Decker is proving that she’s here to stay!

                                                                                                                             Photo by SaMaria Boyd