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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.


The bed is the easiest to deal with in my opinion because you can find any color or pattern almost anywhere. Your bed takes the center stage because it’s usually the very first thing you see and that’s a great advantage when it comes to your theme. If your theme is cute and girly, you can get a blush pink comforter set with some heart shaped pillows, or a dark red comforter set if you’re going for a romantic theme. If your bed is large, that’s even better because you will not require as many decorations because of the space filling up!

Wall decor

One or two posters in a dorm room can make all the difference! In my room, I put up 3 small posters on the wall behind my tv, two on my closet doors, and two on the walls by the window. They all match my girly theme, so they say things like “Vogue”, and have pictures of perfume, heels, etc. I found them on Amazon for only seven dollars. I also found wall decal stickers, which are highly underrated because they are so pretty and removable. I have a pair of eyes with lashes and eyebrows, which was about six dollars on Amazon. Neon signs and fairy lights are also an option if your dorm allows them.


A dorm may be small, but there is usually so much furniture in them that you can jazz up. For my room, I decorated the trims of my table and dresser with rhinestone tape! Now, remember to keep in mind that all your decorations need to be removable in order to avoid charges. Rhinestone tape adds extra sparkle and personality to any room and can easily be found on Amazon as well. For your window, you can dress it up with a nice curtain of your choice, or you can get vines and flowers to hang off them too, Rugs are a classic item to add to your space as well.


Still have more space? No problem, there are lots of things to do for your room, like small potted plants on your dressers, or you can DIY something like putting pearls in a vase. Another idea is to buy an organizer for your makeup or perfume bottles and display them, and if you’re on a budget, you can buy a silver platter at dollar tree and place your perfume on there! Don’t forget the scents for your room to smell good too, like air fresheners or plug-ins. There are endless ideas to spice up your room so have fun and experiment!

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