7 Movies to Watch With Family

The best time to spend family without spending a lot of money is to sit back with some popcorn and sweet snacks and watch a couple of movies. For every family, this is the best time to enjoy each other’s company without overdoing it. For my family, we are complete suckers for some comedy, action and of course, for the kids, animation. Here is a lists of a couple of movies to watch:

  1. 1. Dumbo

    This movie, for me, was my childhood. So in my family, if it was my turn to pick a movie this was always my number 1 choice. It has every element to truly bring me to tears (of joy of course).

  2. 2. The Avengers and Marvel Movies

    Now if there ever is a day where your family doesn’t know what to do well you can watch these movies and be good for two days. These movies literally have everything you absolutely need from action to comedy to romance.


  3. 3. Inside Out

    I highly recommend this movie for kids or anyone because it teaches some important life lessons and talks about important things that sometimes we don’t learn through our parents or school. 

  4. 4. Harry Potter Series

    This series has taken overdoing taken over my family since a lot of us are in completely different houses which explains a lot. We , fight over theories with these films base on the novels and what we each come up of. The HP series really turn our house into a war between houseslistbut at the end of the day we still love each other. Plus, they also teach a lot of life lesson that we can all use every once in a while. 

  5. 5. Christmas Vacation

    Christmas was a special time for my family since it was one of the few times, we got to see each other since we are spread out across the globe. This movie has become a tradition for us to watch every year on Christmas Eve. Plus, it always made us laugh our butts off.

  6. 6. Big Hero 6

    This movie is the perfect movie to show important that family is not always the ones you are related to and trust me it had enough sentimental stuff in it to make you weep like a baby

  7. 7. Star Wars Series

     Now I know for my father and I, this is a must for whenever we , daddy-daughter time. It brings out the best and worst out of us. We re-watch these almost all the time because of how amazing they are. They bring us together all the time. 

There are many more movies to enjoy for families. When it comes to spending time with the ones you love, as long as you are together and enjoying the time, then what you do doesn’t matter.