5 Tips for an Easy Move-Out Day

With the end of the spring semester approaching, I’m sure the thought of packing all of your things is overwhelming. As college students, we accumulate a lot of stuff within a semester, so packing may seem like an extremely daunting task. Here’s five tips to keep you sane as you move out and get ready for the summer! 

1. Make a plan  Don’t just start packing things blindly, you’ll just end up with a mess. Decide what boxes will hold what and try your best to remember how your packed your things when you moved in. Try to minimize the number of boxes you need so that you won’t struggle trying to shove boxes into your car. 

2. Pack your hanging clothing in trash bags A lifesaving hack is to gather your hanging clothing in trash bags. This way your bulky jackets and sweaters and nice clothing won’t get wrinkled in the moving process and all you have to do when you get home is rip the trash bag off and hang up your clothes.

3. Buy plastic bins (or have your parents bring them to you) Plastic bins are more useful than cardboard boxes because they can be reused, are sturdier, and can hold tons more things. 

4. Don’t try to clean and pack at the same time  I know, you were cleaning under the bed and found a can of Red Bull from months ago— leave it alone for a second. The best way to clean your room is when everything has been emptied and boxed up. This way you don’t miss anything and have to keep constantly finding trash when your CA comes to check you out.

5. Get rid of things you don’t need Like I said earlier, college students accumulate a lot of things. T-shirts, prizes, and things we bought but never used. If you haven’t worn it all semester or used an item that you thought you needed, donate it to your local thrift store or sell it. You will be so glad when all your bags perfectly fit into your car because you got rid of all the unnecessary items.