5 Times My Cats Were Weirder Than Me

We all know that cats are weird. Their quirks, noises, and habits can make anyone laugh when compiled into a 2-minute Facebook video. What I didn’t realize until I actually had cats of my own is just how weird and crazy they can be.

Now I’m pretty weird myself, but I never thought that my weirdness would rub off on my two furry children, Chicken and Noodles. Here’s five times my cats did some crazy stuff that no one asked for, but no one really is mad about because it’s all on camera.

1. When Noodles Forgot How to Drink Water

He’s a special one, this kid.

2. When Chicken Was Camera Shy

Sometimes you just have those “no photos please” days.

3. When Noodles Thought He Was Supposed to Be a Part of Thanksgiving

We’re all family here.

4. When Noodles Needed to Do Laps … IN THE LIVING ROOM

Gotta get your cardio in.

5. When Chicken Thought the Camera Was a Snack

Yum, who doesn’t love a good iPhone for dessert?

Like I said, cats are weird, but we all love them anyway.