5 Things to Keep You Busy this Summer

Summer is finally upon us – the time for relaxing by the pool and taking a break from school. However, sometimes summer can also mean extreme boredom by the second week of break. Because I am also one who suffers from summer boredom because the rest of my life is extremely busy, I’m compiling a list of fun things (that aren’t work) to do that will keep you entertained as you sizzle in the sun. 

Photo courtesy of Taylor Thomas

  1. 1. Read One Book Per Week

    This is something that I’m partaking in and I’m really excited! I love to read, but the semesters eat up all of my time, so reading for fun is out of the question. I have a ton of books I want to read, both classic and modern, and summer is the only time I get to do it. It’s always good to do this with a buddy, too, so you have someone to share your experiences with. Plus, you’ll get smarter and get the chance to be in a ton of different worlds, which is always really interesting!

  2. 2. Find A New Hobby

    Hobbies can be anything from painting to knitting to become a fitness god. This is a good way to invest your time into something that you care about and are excited about and you acquire a new skill along the way! Plus, with all of the extra time you’ll have, you’ll be able to invest the time in it that you wouldn’t have during the semester. 

  3. 3. Take A Vacation

    Vacation doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive – a trip to the beach or just a weekend trip somewhere can be the vacation you need. Because it’s summer, all of the lakes, rivers, and oceans are the perfect vacation destination! If you’re more of a nature person, there are plenty of trails and campsites that have special summer events. Cities also have tons of cool stuff going on, so treat yourself!

  4. 4. Learn A New Language

    I know this sounds daunting, but it could be fun to begin to learn a new language, such as sign language, and work towards being fluent in another language! Not only will it take up a lot of time, you’ll be able to communicate with a whole new group of people, and that means more opportunities for improvement!

  5. 5. Binge A New Show

    I will also be doing this during the summer. Again, if I watch shows during the semester, I either can never finish it, or I watch it and ignore my school work. Summer promises time to safely engulf myself into a new show and I’m not even going to feel bad about disappearing for weeks at a time. I deserve this and so do you.