5 Things I Didn’t Do This Summer

Typically, people would list the things they did do during their summer break; however, for me, my summer was basic per usual. I worked a lot, slept in whenever I could, ate my mother’s delicious home-cooked meals and binged watched the heck out of my new favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy. 

I had every intention of doing more than just the everyday mundane things this summer, but sometimes plans change and life doesn’t do what you want it to do. Here is a list of five things I didn’t do this summer that I really wanted to do, but that just didn’t work out:


1. Learn How to Play the Guitar.

For whatever reason, I have been fascinated with the guitar since I was little. I recently set a goal in life to buy a guitar and teach myself how to play it by the time I turn 21. Well, I was going to start working on that this summer, but just simply didn’t get around to it. However, I still have time though since I don’t turn 21 until March. 

2. Travel.

I always want to travel during the summertime. Sadly, I’m a broke college student. I get so jealous when I hear my fellow classmates talking about their vacations out of state and even out of the country. Most of the time, if I wasn’t going to work, I would barely make it out of my house. 

3. Write.

It’s a shame I didn’t do more of this being as though I am a writer and all. Lol!

4. Read.

Sometimes I would just be too freaking tired from work to partake in one of the things I love to do the most. I only managed to get through two books this summer.

5. Hang with Friends.

Unfortunately, my friends and I were too busy chasing that money bag to hang out a whole lot this summer.

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I didn’t make this list to have anyone pity me or for me to complain. I honestly enjoyed my summer and I always love being back home. I made this list as a reminder to always make time for the things I really want. No matter whether I am tired, broke or even lazy. This is a subtle reminder to live life more.