5 Skin Care Tips You Might Overlook

Do you ever have those days when you wake up with acne and you have no idea why? You scrub your face, eat right and drink water, but you still have those pesky pimples! There are a lot of things we do that can affect our skin negatively that we don’t even know about. Here are five tips to help rid your skin of acne!


If you’re an avid makeup user like me, you know how dirty those brushes can get! The amount of bacteria living in your brushes is enough to clog your pores and make for some pretty big pimples and/or blackheads! To be sure your dirty brushes aren’t the cause of your breakouts, make sure you wash them at least once every three to four weeks. To help with the cleaning process, you can buy brush pads that get deep into your brushes to cleanse them well.

2. Know when to throw that beauty sponge out!

One of the best tools to apply your makeup with can also be the worst thing to press into your face. Whether it be the twenty dollar beauty blender, or the several off brand beauty sponges, your face can still breakout because of it! Although you can clean your beauty blender and rid it of most of the excess foundation and concealer that has soaked its way into it, your beauty sponge can actually grow mold! If you leave your sponge in a drawer or in a dark closet after using it damp, there is a big possibility that your sponge will grow mold. The mold will appear as small black dots upon the surface of the sponge and will obviously cause breakouts as your pushing this stuff directly into your face! If you see these spots, know it’s time to chuck the sponge out, for the sake of your face!

3. Moisturize your face

Most people associate oily skin with acne and blackheads, but dry skin can also partake in making your face look like a connect-the dots page. The dead skin can actually clog your pores and cause pretty bad breakouts. After washing your face you should apply a layer of moisturizer to make sure those dead skin cells aren’t clogging those precious pores! As a person with dry skin I can suggest some moisturizers that have worked well for me! Some include: Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion, Lubriderm Advanced Therapy, and Promise Organic Coconut Milk Facial Lotion.

4. Clean up the fur in your house

If you have fur babies like me, you can relate with your pets fur from shedding literally making another animal in your hallways. Fur from shedding can make homes in places like the couch, blankets, carpets, sheets and most places that have fabric. Rubbing your faces on the fabric that has pet hair on it, like your pillows, can clog your pores and cause breakouts! To help this, try vacuuming the surfaces that you think your face touches the most and wash the things you can like sheets or blankets! This can help tons when it comes to preventing acne!

5. Wash your pillow cases

While we’re on the topic of washing your fabric items, I guess I should mention your pillowcases. As a college student, I know my first though every day isn’t, “Oh, I should wash my pillowcases.” Although I do wash my sheets when needed, my pillowcases should probably be washed more times than what they do right now, as I’m assuming with a lot of you guys. Your pillowcases contain countless amounts of bacteria that comes from face oils, pet dander, dead skin cells, and even drool. So even when you wash your face in the morning or at night, putting your face on a bacteria-covered pillowcase just makes the pore clogging process ten times faster.