5 Beauty Gurus That'll Change Your Life

If you need help on learning new tips and tricks for applying makeup look no further than the search engine of YouTube. There are thousands of beauty gurus that make more than enough videos to help you. I know when I started to do my makeup it was a disaster, so I turned to YouTube tutorials and “blended until my fingers bled,” as Jaclyn Hill says. After practicing a bunch my makeup skills definitely improved. Although, I still have a lot more improvement to go, I couldn’t have gotten where I was without the help of some beauty gurus who kept it real as to what actually works and what doesn’t. Here are 5 YouTubers who have helped me get where I am:

1. Jaclyn Hill

Probably one of the biggest beauty gurus online, Jaclyn Hill has been on YouTube since 2010 and has almost 4 million subscribers. She has collaborated with Becca Cosmetics with her famous highlighter Champagne Pop and a limited edition highlighter Prosecco Pop. Most recently, she has collaborated with Morphe to create her own eyeshadow palette which is coming out soon. Jaclyn has an upbeat, enthusiastic personality which is great to watch while learning about tips to create certain looks or even a product review. Jaclyn is always keeping her viewers up to date on her life besides makeup as well including numerous dance parties with her BFF, videos of her dogs, and silly face selfies. (Snapchat: jaclynrhill) I’ve learned several things from Jaclyn’s videos, but most importantly, how to do my eyebrows.

Website: JaclynHillMakeup.com

2. Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Fuentes is a beauty guru who is understanding of a small budget, and is totally and completely dedicated to letting her viewers know what is worth the buy and what isn’t. Kathleen although almost always on a “no buy” (period of time when one does not buy makeup) she is constantly doing hauls of not only high end products but drug store products, too. If you are someone who is desperate for beauty on a budget she is your gal! Kathleen has over 3 million subscribers and started YouTube in 2013. She has collaborated with countless cosmetic lines including ColourPop, Makeup Geek, Morphe, and Ofra. She has also launched her own nail polish line, KL Polish. Kathleen uploads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which shows her dedication and consistency to the YouTube world. She uploads a variety of videos including favorites, hauls, full face using one brand, Boxy Charm unboxing and more. Kathleen realizes that not everyone can afford expensive makeup or has the skills that she has and I believe that’s what makes her channel great. She is known for her saying “Das Esspensive” and even named a shade of her nail polish that. Her tutorials are educational but entertaining as her sense of humor is off the charts. Kathleen’s channel is all around one that anyone could enjoy.

Website: KathleenLights.com

3. Laura Lee

Laura Lee can be easily recognized by her southern twang and odd sense of humor. Originally from Alabama, Laura Lee started her YouTube channel in 2013 and now has over 2 million subscribers. Although most YouTubers try to be the best version of themselves online, Laura shows her true colors 24/7 which isn’t a bad thing. She isn’t afraid to curse, tell you when a product is garbage, or leave parts of her videos unedited. Laura is one that is super supportive of her viewers following their dreams of starting a channel of their own and has even made videos about how to have a successful one. If you watch Laura’s old videos then her new ones, you can definitely tell how her makeup skills have improved, and she’s definitely helped her viewers along the way, too. Laura’s videos do not consist of a lot of tutorials, but she has multiple videos about makeup tips and tricks like, “How to Stop Your Foundation From Getting Oily”, and, “Ten Ratchet Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know.” Laura is thankful for her popularity on social media and constantly gives back with giveaways including tons of makeup and even MacBooks.

Wesbite: LauraLeeBlogs.com

Other YouTube Channels: Laura Lee Vlogs

4. Manny MUA

One of the biggest male makeup artists circling YouTube and social media, Manny MUA started on Instagram and ventured his way onto YouTube in 2014. Manny is very straightforward in his videos as in every one you will find the disclaimer, “As always if you guys don’t like this video, if you don’t like me please don’t f*cking watch it. You know the drill with that.” Manny’s videos range from full face first impressions, challenge videos, best of beauty, and tutorials on specific looks. Manny is the first spokes boy for Maybelline’s Big Shot mascara and is featured in their commercial for it! He is immensely talented when it comes to makeup as I feel he can accomplish any look. I look at his channel to find inspiration for creativity with different looks.

5. Hailie Barber

An up and coming YouTuber, Hailie Barber is a fellow Texan who’s subscriber count can’t stop growing. Joining in 2013, Hailie, as of right now has over 84,000 subscribers. Hailie has been on a trip with PUR Cosmetics to the islands of St. Maartin, Anguila and St. Barths, and is currently #TrippinWithTarte in Turks and Caicos! Hailie exudes confidence on her Instagram through her fashion and expresses herself through her fun colored hair and wigs. I turn to Hailie’s channel for honest product reviews and dramatic eye looks or to see what she’s recently hauled through purchasing or PR! I enjoy her videos sometimes more than others because she is closer in age to myself than other beauty gurus!