31 Days of Fall

It is officially fall, so that means we need to get our basic on and find cute things to do. Here is a list of 31 things I recommend to this fall that are a must. You could do these things with friends, family members, a significant other, your dog, or even by yourself. 

1. Pumpkin Carving/Painting- It's spooky season, so that means Halloween! This means we need pumpkins to go with our spooky decor. Photo from 

2. Watch a Football Game- It's the best time to show your team or school spirit with people you love. The best part about going to games is meeting new people and tailgating.

3. Shopping for Cozy Outfits- Girls, this is for you! It's time for you to get your warm sweaters and leggings out! This is the perfect time to go out and get some so you can stock up for the winter.

4. Sunsets/ Sunrise- During this time you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets or sunrises.

5. Fall Decorations- Make your house, dorm, or bedroom look fun and cute by decorating for fall with things like fake leaves, pumpkins, and more!

6. Apple Picking- ‘Tis the season of apple pie, and what better way to get apples than going out picking out some for yourself!

7. Fall Festivals-‘When in doubt festival it out!’ This fun activity can be for anyone. There are many festivals that are happening throughout the season, so get a group of people and go celebrate! 

8. Fall photo shoots- With all the different color leaves out, it's a great time to get all your pictures out of the way, including the family Christmas card.

9. Vote- This is one of the more important activities that fall brings. We all have the pleasure of being the voice of our country, so use this privilege and vote! 

10. Starbuck Run/ Coffee Run- Time to be basic and get our pumpkin spice latte on!

11.Hayride- This one is for the couples; take a ride through the countryside and enjoy nature while snuggling up to keep warm.

12. Go to a Haunted House- Since it's spooky season, we need to get spooked, and what better way to do that than to go to a haunted house and get a few scares and laughs out of it.

13. Costume Party- Grab a few people, dress up, and enjoy music and food. What other time of the year will you be able to be someone or something else?

14. Jump in a pile of leaves- Channel your inner child and jump into a pile of leaves.

15. S’mores Night-What is a fall night without s’mores and a few friends? 

16. Farmers Market-Enjoy cheap food and meet some cool people. Farmers markets are the best place to get a lot of great stuff that is all usually natural and handmade.

17. Have a picnic- Get some food and friends and find a nice spot and you’re all set. This will go well with watching the sunset. 

18. Bake or cook- Here is where you can decorate some cookies or perfect your apple pie while having fun. Plus, who doesn’t love freshly baked goods?

19. Make homemade candles- Candles are some of the best, yet most subtle, ways to decorate and make your house feel cozy. 

20. Volunteer- This is a time where it's about family and being with others, so we need to give back to those who don’t have this pleasure of being surrounded by love. 

21. Read a book by the Fire- Find a good book and just read and take your mind out of reality.

22. Take a trip- Even though many of us are broke college students, there are many ways to take a trip or random adventure. You just have to look!

23. Go to a sunflower patch-Hurry and get your sunflowers before the season is over. 

24. Give Thanks- Since it's close to Thanksgiving, make sure to let people know you are grateful and thankful for them. Spread positivity and not negativity!

25. Run a 5K- Since we are all getting our food, take the time and run a 5K so you can feel healthy while running for a good cause like Breast Cancer Awareness.

26. Go to a fair- Enjoy all the rides and food while making memories! This is the best time, especially with the nice weather!

27. Fall DIYs- Finding different things to make during this time is cool because many of these things can be used for parties or gifts!

28. Christmas Decorating- Even though it's October, it's still close to Christmas so why not start getting ready to decorate.

29. Holiday Movie Marathon- Whether it's Halloween, fall, or Christmas movies, this is a nice way to enjoy a rainy day.

30. Cozy Up by the fire- The best way to cozy up is with some hot cocoa and a fire while talking about anything and everything with someone special or a really close group of friends. 

31. Star Gazing- During this time we can some of the brightest stars and this is perfect while camping. Also, I’m pretty sure this one is on everyone’s bucket list. There are plenty of more things to do during this season but here are some of the top ones on my list. You will never have a boring day if you do these things. Happy Fall, Y’all!