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10 Scams You Encounter in College

1. Textbooks
You pay hundreds of dollars, sometimes close to a thousand, just to have a glorified paper weight. We have all had those teachers that say the textbook is the lifeline to their class, but they end up never even having you open it.

2. D2L, Canvas, Blackboard
They either are hard to maneuver or just flat out hard to understand. They tell you they will send updates and reminders for your grades, but then you end up missing half the assignments for one of your classes.

3. Dining halls
Their food is nasty, and they are never open when you need them. Then they say they have new hours, and they open 30 minutes later in the evening, but you’re still in class. Better adjust your eating schedule to your grandmas.

4. Fake honor society emails
You think you’ve finally made your parents proud, but then you realize that you’re still a failure.

Photo by: Emily Kimmich

5. College dorms
The rooms are small, and the communal bathrooms will give you infections. You can fit a single item of clothing in the closets, and you’re not allowed to bring your dog, and that’s just sad. You might also end up with a psycho roommate.

6. Hall Directors
They take your waffle maker. Yes, I’m still salty.

They’re trash. They’re liars. They’re canceled. This is my reaction to the next “you up?” text I receive at 1 am.

Photo by: Emily Kimmich

8. Frat parties
Like communal showers, you’re probably gonna get an infection.

9. Parking
There’s 10 spaces for all the students it’s a sick and twisted version of the Hunger Games out there.

10. Spring break
Unless you have rich parents, your spring break isn’t gonna end up on Old Row. You’re probably gonna drive to the beach and be cold and wish you went home and watched Netflix.

Photo taken by: Lindsey Porter


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