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Your Fall Nail Polish Based on Your Zodiac Sign

I’m sure you’ve been dying to try out this season’s latest polish trends, but there are so many, where should you start? To help, I’ve made this handy list based on your zodiac sign, so the stars can make the hard decisions. 


Pisces: You aren’t generally trying to stand out in a crowd.  You like to go with the flow, so you should totally try out gray this season.  Cool, yet neutral, this color doesn’t make waves, but it’s still on-point for fall! My favorite is Now and Zen by Essie

Aquarius: You can be a little reserved, but when you let loose you really know how to have fun! In order to reflect that, I think you should check out OPI’s We The Female. This rich cranberry is so classic, and you just have to love that name!

Capricorn: Your serious side is showing! You’re responsible and laid back, so this season’s trend for warm tans and browns is right up your alley.  There are tons of options, from light tan like High Tea by Butter London, to dark chocolates, there are so many ways to wear this!

Sagittarius: Your enthusiasm knows no bounds.  This season features a trend for bright glittery nails that’s as bold as you are! They come in all colors, but show your Sewanee pride with Aviva by Julep.

Scorpio: You tend to be passionate and driven, with a bit of an edgy streak, which is why you’re loving this dark colors this fall.  For a perfect dark red, with just a hint of sparkle, check out Wine Stock by Sally Hansen.

Libra: Calm, cool, and collected you rule your life! You know how to keep a good balance between work and play.  Your nail polish can reflect that by finding a nice balance between classy and modern.  Try something new with Unzipped by MAC.

Virgo:  You are organized and collected, but you appreciate a little fun now and then.  You keep up with the latest trends, so you probably already know that all metallics are in right now.  Check out Platinum Drusy from Kendra Scott’s new nail polish line!

Leo: You are a bright, exciting child of the sun so why not do something bold? Try Crackling Embers by Whim.  The sparkly copper is absolutely perfect for your fun loving personality!

Cancer: You are tranquil and level, and you like to reflect that in everything you do. Your nails reflect your focus, and they’re usually done to perfection.  A new color, like La Moss by Butter London will show them off perfectly. 

Gemini: You know that the best way to live is on the edge.  You love the fine line between trendy and classic, and walking it is your specialty.  Mash by NARS is perfect for you.  This dark, tarnished gold is subtly sexy, just like you!

Taurus: You are tough, but you never pass up on a little luxury.  For your new color, you should check out Tara by Zoya.  This dark fuchsia is rich and cool, no one will be surprised to see you rock it!

Aries: You love to be the first to try the latest trends, and you never back down from a challenge.  Go big or go home with Euphoria by Formula X.  You are definitely the kind of person who can pull off pink and black glitter polish.  It’s perfectly punk!

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Carley Roe

Sewanee '18

Carley is currently a senior.  She is a psych major with an education minor, because she really likes kids and talking about her feelings.  Carley is from Columbus, Ohio and relocated to the south for the "better weather".  She loves dogs, horses, nail polish, dresses, and bows. In her free time she enjoys texting her mom, horseback riding, reading, and netflix.  Her dislikes include jogging, being cold, and eels.  Learn more about her here!
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