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We Never Go Out Of Style- Sewanee Students in the 90s

It’s easy for us to think that we’ve changed so much since the nineties, but looking back, Sewanee students were interested in a lot of the same things back then that we like now, just look at these examples from the year books!

We accessorize really well.  Check out those fabulous leaf and flowers they have pinned to their gowns.

We love the Sewanee dogs, and they love us!

We’re always super hard at work, no matter what we’re doing.

We’re very athletic, and we don’t mind getting a little dirty to prove it.

We have an excellent sense of style, even if some of us love plaid a little too much.

We love being able to participate in outdoor activities on our beautiful domain!

All of these photos are from yearbooks from 1992-1998. If you want to see more awesome pictures of Sewanee students of yesteryear, check out the yearbooks. Though some things are very different; one thing is for sure: Sewanee never goes out of style!

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Carley Roe

Sewanee '18

Carley is currently a senior.  She is a psych major with an education minor, because she really likes kids and talking about her feelings.  Carley is from Columbus, Ohio and relocated to the south for the "better weather".  She loves dogs, horses, nail polish, dresses, and bows. In her free time she enjoys texting her mom, horseback riding, reading, and netflix.  Her dislikes include jogging, being cold, and eels.  Learn more about her here!
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