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Trying out Greek Life

I didn’t initially plan on joining a sorority. I had many preconceptions about what they were and thought that I would never want to be part of one. Fortunately, I found one where I fit. As a shy introvert, I discovered that my evenings my first semester of college were spent in my room bored, but this semester I have a group of people where I feel that I belong.

It is nice to be able to have somewhere to go where you feel wanted. It’s nice to have a group where you fit in and feel at home. Sewanee can feel like home, but being in a sorority can feel like the family. Just having the knowledge that there is somewhere safe to go, somewhere where people will support you during all of the stress of college, is great. It also gives you things to do, things you are required to go to, so *technically* it’s not like it’s procrastinating.

Also, on the front of getting school work done, so far at least it hasn’t made it harder, in fact, it has made it easier because I have to get my work done promptly because I have to go to the meetings and other events. I can’t procrastinate because if I do, I absolutely won’t be able to get my work finished and finished well. Another incentive is that if you don’t keep your grades up, you can’t stay in the sorority.

So far it has been an overall excellent thing. I suggest anyone who has any interest (and even anyone who has absolutly no interest) keep their mind open to the possibility of joining a sorority, It might not be for you in the end, but I suggest everyone giving it a try.


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