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Tips for Sustainability at Sewanee

Hey guys, did you know what all the cool kids are doing these days? Practicing sustainable behavior!

Here at Sewanee, sustainability isn’t always a priority, but here are some easy tips.


1. Make sustainability a part of your thought process!

One of the most important things is just being aware. Just knowing that waste and non-renewable resources are a problem. Then without even knowing it, you may not waste that extra food at McClurg or use that non-reusable cup for your coffee.

2. Take the time to grab out your recyclables

At the end of every weekend, the garbage cans are filled with recyclable aluminum cans and plastic containers and bottles–all of which are conveniently recyclable–in (almost) every hallway in every residence hall with recycling stations. It takes almost no time to recycle instead of having that all go to the landfill. Ideally, you would reduce or reuse those items that are being thrown away, but simply recycling is an important first step! 

3. Try to eliminate pre-bottled water

Even water that claims to be bottled straight from ice is just water, it is nothing special; especially if you fill up your re-usable water bottle from one of the many filtered bottle fillers located all over campus. Not only does this help the earth, it will also save you some money!

4. Walk to class or that meeting

I know that 8 am class is early, or you have been studying all day and really don’t want to walk over to that meeting on the other side of campus, but nowhere on campus is really that far away, and with parking, driving can often be more frustrating. Instead, take a walk, enjoy the beautiful campus, and help out the earth a little!

Brenna Doe

Sewanee '20

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