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TBT – The Life and Style of Sewanee Students Back in the Day

Always wonder what it was like to walk down University Avenue back in the day? What about in the 70s, 80s, or early 90s? Well here a few Shots that might help you think about what it was like back then. Though their outfits may be different, I believe the activities stay exactly the same.

Ready for class? This 1973 photo shows a girl who is fully prepared with her adorable mini skirt and low cut sweater, and you can never forget to head to class without the beautiful black gown. She is ready to hit the books and take some notes. 

One thing will never change even as the years go by is the crowd favorite of day drinking here in Sewanee. This 1976 photo shows the all too excited Sewanee students partying it up on a glorious day. 

And here is another one back in 1984 where some girls are chatting it up while that guy sitting on the bench is pondering life. 

Napping will always be one of my favorite past times. In 1988 this girl was too tired to finish her homework. But hey she looks super comfy. 

I wish I knew what the theme of this function was. This cute couple that was captured in 1992 is too cute not to add to the article. From her cute sun hat and ankle length dress and her adorable sandals, she is stylish from head to toe. I wonder if they had frat sludge back then? 

Darden is a Junior Psychology major with a Women and Gender Studies minor. She's from Charlotte, North Carolina and is obsessed with pandas. Her favorite color is blue and she loves surprises.
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