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Swimwear Trends to Get You In The Mood For Spring Break

Some of you may have heard about the recent fashion show, Resort 2016, which revealed some of this season’s hottest trends in swimwear.  Now that the weather is finally getting warm, and we’re only weeks away from spring break, I thought I’d have see what they were. 


1.     Be Singular

Who would have ever guessed that the one-piece bathing suits would come back in style the way they have.  This year has brought some of the most spectacular suits yet.  This trend also combines itself with some of the others, to make for a fashionable and functional suit. 

2.     Join a Fringe Group

This one is fun, even if it isn’t super practical.  Fringe hanging from the top or bottom of the suit creates really flattering movement, and you can use it to draw emphasis on your best features.  I will say that I don’t recommend this for the person who really wants to do a lot of swimming in their suit, but there are plenty of styles for that.

3.     Make it a Close Shave

The high neck bathing suit was all over the runway, so those of us who want to swim can do so without worrying that we’re going to lose our top with these more secure models.  Finally someone realized the need we have for functional swimwear. 

4.     Ruffle Some Feathers

The ultra-feminine trend has been everywhere this winter, and it worked its way into bathing suits too.  Ruffles can be found on suits of all shapes and sizes.  The great thing about them is that they can create an optical illusion, so you can use them to make small parts look a little bigger, or make something wide look narrower by comparison.

5.     Cut Out What You Don’t Need

We’ve all seen cut outs on some of the sexiest formal dresses on campus, and now we’ll be seeing them on the beach as well.  More and more suits are incorporating elaborate criss-cross designs to show just a hint more skin.  The effect is fabulous!


6.     Brighten Up

What says summer more than neon, bright colors? The answer of course is neon bathing suits.  This isn’t a super new trend, but it’s definitely gotten bigger.  This year the big colors are orange and turquoise, which can make any skin look bright and glowing.  

That’s all for trends from Resort 2016, keep an eye open though, trends are always changing, and YOU could be the start of the next one!

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