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Spotify Playlists You Should Be Listening To

Music really sets the scene for whatever you’re doing, so having the perfect playlist is super important for all occasions. Here are a few that you should definitely check out!


Girls Night

I love this playlist, especially for getting ready or during a pregame, it has a great mix of today’s hits and dance party standards.


Wonder Woman

Inspired by the movie, this playlist is all you need for your girl power pump up music.


Summer Party

This is the playlist for when you want to pretend it’s still summer, it’s full of fun pop songs and great beats.


All Out Eighties

Why should modern music get all the love? This playlist is so much fun for when you need to get in touch with your inner John Hughes movie character.


Songs to Sing In The Car

Sometimes you really need to belt a bunch of great songs with your besties and this is the playlist for those moments!


Warm Fuzzy Feeling

This is a great playlist to send to your crush if you’re feeling a little flirty, or just to listen to when you’re in a romantic mood.


New Indie Mix

Just so that you can be listening to it before it gets cool.


It’s ALT Good

This is the perfect blend of cool sounds and cheerful feelings, it’s a great playlist to listen to while you’re walking to class or chilling in your room.


Fall Feels

This is also good for your walk to class in the morning, and it really does put you in that fall mood, it’s my favorite playlist right now.

Enjoy your jams!

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Carley Roe

Sewanee '18

Carley is currently a senior.  She is a psych major with an education minor, because she really likes kids and talking about her feelings.  Carley is from Columbus, Ohio and relocated to the south for the "better weather".  She loves dogs, horses, nail polish, dresses, and bows. In her free time she enjoys texting her mom, horseback riding, reading, and netflix.  Her dislikes include jogging, being cold, and eels.  Learn more about her here!
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