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Songs Turning Fifteen Years Old in 2018

The first month of 2018 is officially behind us– if you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve made it to February. Seeing as how there’s been a nice adjustment period, I no longer feel guilty about making you feel super old. So, without further ado, here are eighteen songs turning 15 years old.

Crazy in Love

The iconic collaboration between Beyonce and Jay-Z that started it all. 


Bring Me to Life

Anyone else spend way too much time in the shower trying to hold out that last note? Amy Lee is a walking goddess.

In Da Club

Only 50 Cent can make every day feel like it’s your birthday.


Where is the Love?

A more relevant message than ever, I’m not sure we know yet.

Miss Independent

If Kelly Clarkson still has it, then I still have it. That’s how that works, right?



2018 is still fresh out the kitchen, hopefully February is a great new edition (I apologize for the terrible puns, but I couldn’t resist with this one).

Hey Ya!

Please resist the temptation to shake your device like a polaroid. 

99 Problems

He may have a lot of problems, but Jay-Z’s iconic family certainly is not one.



No words. Props to Howie Day for the endurung masterpiece.



Has it been long enough for people to like this song again? I would like to apologize to John Mayer on behalf of radio stations nationwide for tragically overplaying this ballad.


I Don’t Wanna Be

Gavin DeGraw has a special place in my heart for giving the rights of this song to the producers of One Tree Hill.

I Miss You

And I’m so sorry, you won’t be able to sleep or dream tonight while you’re cranking out these throwbacks!


I’ve always wondered just how many boys came to the yard– must be hard to share one milkshake.

Meant to Live

Oh Switchfoot, you made our childhood angsty stage such a breeze.

Stacy’s Mom

Bowling for Soup often gets credit for this timeless tune of unreturned love, but we know the truth Fountains of Wayne.


This song will never get old. 15 years later and it’s still at the top of our road trip playlists.



Yes, Rob Thomas, please explain to us why being a little unwell never hurt anyone. On repeat. Forever.

Why Can’t I?

Did you ever figure this one out Liz Phair? Because if so, please direct message me. I’d like some answers.

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