Sewanee Nightlife Look: Bold Eyeliner

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Let’s talk about Sewanee nightlife.  For the most part, it consists of getting ready to go out, pregaming with friends, then actually going out to whichever party has the best music.  For me that first step is often one of the best parts , so I thought I’d share some of my favorite nightlife looks tips and tricks with you.  Bear in mind that these aren’t things I would recommend for class, these are a little bolder, wilder, more fun, whereas class looks tend to be more reserved but as always, to each her own.


I wanted to talk about one of those trends that we all see on celebrities and models but never quite know how to approach for ourselves.  For example, brightly colored eyeliner.  For some people,  even thinking about trying this is out of the question.  Two weeks ago I was one of those people.

 I once knew a girl who had perfect olive skin and brown eyes and she could really pull off the bright eyeliner look.  At some point, I decided that because I didn’t have those things, I probably couldn’t pull it off.  Then I was very luck to be given samples of NYC New York’s City Proof Eyeliner, in all bright colors!  I set about experimenting with these so that I could share my finding with you!


Tip #1 Primed and Ready to Go!

            Start with a primer, like NYC New York’s City Proof Eye Primer.  These can be super helpful for keeping your eye shadow and eye liner in place no matter where your night takes you.  I also love this product because I found that it doubled as an under eye brightener.  I get dark circles under my eyes when I miss sleep, and this went a long way towards erasing them.


Tip #2 A Little Goes a Long Way

            When it comes to color, this is one of my mom’s favorite adages.  In this case, she’s right.  The NYC eye shadows are great because they’re chubby sticks so they can be used as an all over shadow or just a smoky line on the lid.  With the bright colors I’d lean towards the latter.  My favorite of the one’s I tried was Central Park Tulips.  The purple looks bright but on the skin is just subtle enough without being boring, and it looks good on literally every eye color, which brings us to our next tip.

Tip #3 What’s Your Color?

            Make sure you find a color that suits you.  This isn’t just about colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color (though that is important) but also about what fits your style.  Are you classic, or more modern? For classic I’d go for purple or bronze, but you modern gals should definitely try out Madison Square Park by NYC (pictured below).  This super bold green is so much fun and it draws the eye right up to your face.  That being said, don’t forget to think about your personal coloring.  I tried River Romance and didn’t love it on me, but someone with brown or hazel eyes could probably wear it beautifully.

Tip #4 Find Your Focus

            When you choose this look, make sure it’s the only one you’re choosing.  If you go bold on your eyes, maybe keep your lips simple and closer to neutral.  If you have too much going on with your makeup the aesthetic could turn out a little off-putting.  There’s plenty of weekends to try different looks, so don’t fret about going one at a time!


Tip #5 You Go Girl!

            The last tip is that there are no rules for this.  It’s all a process, a fun trial and error game.  My favorite time to play with makeup is right before I get in the shower because I’m about to wash my face anyway so what’s the harm?  There are a ton of youtube channels dedicated to makeup looks if you want help, or just stop me anytime to ask questions!  The most important thing is confidence, you’ll rock whatever you feel best in!