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Reasons I am Looking Forward to Summer


This has been a hectic freshman year, and a long break is very much in order. Here are five reasons I am most looking forward to summer break:

1) Sleep

Now, is it just me or does sleep get harder and harder to obtain the closer one gets to the end of the semester? It seems that along with exhaustion from being warn out you also become more of an insomniac. Two and a half months of the ability to sleep sounds like heaven right now.

2) Pets

Going home for short breaks and getting to see my pets has been nice, but it never lasts long enough. All of the cuddles are cut way too short. There will finally be enough time to make up for all the months apart.

3) Friends

With friends spread out to many different colleges with different dates for breaks, I have gotten to see very few of them. Finally there will be enough time to grab coffee and catch up on life.

4) Working

College really eats through ones money. Now, I have a work study job, but I dont get to spend any of that money — it all goes into paying tuition. So, going back to my beloved summer job and actually getting to refill my bank account will be really nice.

5) Less Stress

Especially right now stress seems to be my (and most other person’s) main driver. College is emotionally exhausting. It will be extremely nice to get back home and get to do some self-care.



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