Politcally Powerful Playlist

A lot of songs are written for just spacing out and chilling, or to forget the real world and just have a good night dancing. But sometimes you want to listen to a song with substance, a song with a message. This article features songs that hit important issues in creative ways, that spread awareness to the masses through the great lyrics and creative rhymes. If you are feeling politically charged, these are the songs for you.

1. Bitch Bad by Lupe Fiasco

Here is the music video (which is great)

This song is about the sexualized image of women that young girls are constantly bombarded with, and how that effects their self image and self worth. This song is just a great listen is what I'm trying to say.


2.      All Falls Down by Kanye West

Music Video (it's old but hey, it's still a music video)

This is a great song talking about how people try to fit in with other people's expectations for how they should act and live their life, specifically looking at insecurity and consumer culture.


3. Doo-Wop by Miss Lauryn Hill

Music Video!

This song is super classic. Lauryn Hill is known for her lyrics and this song has a message for both the men and the ladies, looking at sexuality in culture, and making sure their is respect.


4. Letter to the Free by Common

Music video is right here

This song has really powerful lyrics about the prison system and justice (or a lack there of). Just look at these lyrics :

"For now we know, the new Jim Crow

They stop, search and arrest our souls

Police and policies patrol philosophies of control

A cruel hand taking hold"


5. Land of the Free by Joey Bada$$


Really amazing music video (very powerful imagery)

This song focuses on racial inequality in America. (Watch the music video!) Honestly just listen to the whole album, it's really good. Plus he is an independent rapper which makes his music that much better.


6. Time Crisis by Sammus

Music Video

This is a great feminist song about owning your own body and not letting people tell you how and when you need to live your life.

7. Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar

Music Video right here (throwback to Kendrick without dreads)

For those of you who have been waiting for me to get to Kendrick, here he is. This song, Swimming Pools, is about alcoholism. This song is important because it shows how easily party culture becomes a life changing habit and how that habit is socially enforced while young.


8. Kevin by Macklemore

Music Video

You may also have been wondering if Macklemore would be included. Here he is with Kevin, a song about the prevalence of the pharmaceutical industry and the impact it has on real people.


9. Black Dahlia by Angel Haze

Sorry no music video for this one, but here is the song

This song is very emotionally packed; it is written to her mother and talks about the pain her mother experienced and hoping for a better life for her, despite their struggles.


10. Reagan by Killer Mike

Animated Music Video

This song touches on a lot of issues, but focuses a lot on the pattern over the past several presidencies to increase incarceration rates. Just check out these lyrics:

"They declared the war on drugs like a war on terror

But what it really did was let the police terrorize whoever

But mostly black boys"