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Pinning Your Gown

In order to be inducted into The Order of the Gown, a student must maintain a certain gpa starting October of their Sophomore year. The gpa starts at 3.4, going down to 3.2 and 3.0 their Junior and Senior years respectively. One of the best parts of getting gowned at Sewanee is being able to pin your gown. You get to make your gown your own, decorating it to show your personality. People range from having just one meaningful pin on their gown to having dozens covering the front. It all comes down to personal taste.

Reagan Lamb C’19 shows off how she pinned her gown. Below are some ideas to get your pinning started on a high note.

The Her Campus Shop has some awesome pins to put on your gown. Whether you love Her Campus and want the world to know it or you just love the look, these pins are super cute and definitely show personality.


Amazon has great options for pins for your gown. Simply search what you’re looking for and I guarantee you some options will come up. Free shipping too with prime! The Harry Potter House pins are definitely a favorite of mine. The day I got my gown I ordered a Slytherin pin for myself and couldn’t wait to put it on.


You can also find some awesome Disney lapel pins on Amazon. Show off your favorite movies with these cute ones.


Do you love Beyonce? Of course you do, everyone does. The Etsy shop YeaOhgreetings has some awesome enamel pins featuring Beyonce, Deadpool, and more. They are sure to draw attention from anyone seeing them on your gown. The owner hand-makes their pins, and Etsy is always an awesome website because you’re supporting artists rather than huge manufacturers.


The Etsy shop SkullAndHawk has TONS of cool pins to adorn your gown with. If your interests range from the sciences to the arts and everything in between, this is the shop for you. Their pins are hand-made, look great, and aren’t too expensive, so I recommend. There are so many to choose from that I had a hard time picking out which ones to include below.



PinMart is a website with hundreds of pins to choose from. They have political pins, hobby pins, religious pins, and many more categories. They are all super cute and you can often pick some different colors to make the pin perfect for you. You cna even custom order a pin by calling and telling them exactly what you are looking for.


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