Obscure Halloween Costumes from Movies and TV

Do you like spending all of Halloween being asked some variation of what are you dressed as? Yeah, me too! Here are a bunch of costume ideas that reference some really awesome movies that will have your friends saying “Yeah, I remember that!”


Daria from Daria

I never really got into this show, but some people really did, and it’s a pretty easy costume most people can pull from their closet.  If not, just head to Goodwill and get a green coat, a yellow shirt, and a black skirt. It’s easy and you could wear most of it again!

Anyone from Labyrinth

This is probably one that will need a shopping trip, but most of it can still be found at a thrift store.  Tease your hair into David Bowie proportions as Gareth or buy a white eighties prom dress to be Jennifer Garner as Sarah. You will definitely make an impression either way!

 Lizzie McGuire and Isabella from The Lizzie McGuire Movie

I saw this on pinterest and thought it would be such a cute throwback costume for BFF’s. All you need is semi-matching purple and green outfits.

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

I usually see one or two of these, and it always makes me happy. This costume is the perfect blend of cute and spooky, which is really what Halloween is about. If you can get a group together, you could even try to do the whole family!

Veronica and The Heathers from Heathers

This movie is tragically underrated (it’s on Netflix go check it out!) but the outfits are amazing, and so great for costumes.  You and three friends can grab blazers and go out in awesome eighties style!

The Breakfast Club from The Breakfast Club

This one isn’t super obscure, but I always wish I saw more people going out as this iconic movie group.  Just make sure you plan out who’s going as which member of the club!

Any of the Incredibles from The Incredibles

This is one of my favorite Disney movies! It’s a fun costume to do as a group, or just by yourself as your favorite member of the family! All it takes is red tights, a red shirt, and a black mask, which make it super easy for last minute costumers!

 Anyone from Napoleon Dynamite

I never really got all the hype for this movie, but I definitely remember it being a big deal when I was younger. Now that it’s been over ten years, it’s cool and nostalgic, plus it’s not a difficult costume to throw together last minute.

The Scooby Gang from Scooby Doo

Can you tell I love group costumes? I really do. This one is also fun, but a little more difficult. I still believe you can get all of this from a thrift store, but you might have to look hard or go to more than one.


I hope that gave you some ideas. Writing this article definitely helped me decide what I’m going to be. If you pick something off this list we could be twins!