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Netflix Binge of the Week

Get ready, ladies, because Shake Day is here! This next week will be a whirlwind experience learning everything there is to know about Greek life, so what better way to prepare than by watching a show that is, well, all about Greek life? Greek is a show that many will remember used to air on ABC Family. I recently started watching it when I had my tonsils out and needed something humorous and romantic to take my mind off of the pain. What was originally an attempt to occupy my time for a week of recovery from surgery became a major opportunity to procrastinate from homework. I mean, who wouldn’t want to put off their homework and fantasize about the amazing Cappie, or wish that guys like Evan would shape up, or people like Rebecca would be nicer, or dream about a best friend like Ashleigh, or even ponder what the world would be like if Greek life was everyone’s top priority? The point is, this show is addictive and will occupy your time with lots of smiles, when you’re not already getting them from your new sorority!

Madi is a Senior from Asheville, North Carolina. She has written for the Sewanee chapter of Her Campus since it was founded her Freshman year, and hopes to continue writing after graduation either as a journalist or through work in Public Relations. She loves laughing and hearing people's life stories!
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