Natural Products I've been Trying Out

For one of my new year goals, I wanted to transition many of the products that I am currently using, to more natural alternatives. I've been reading a lot about the kind of chemicals that are used in everyday products, such as toothpaste that is not so good for our health. So I'm going to share some of the products that I've been trying out. It's definitely been a slow transition, but it makes me happy knowing that the new products are good for me as well as mother earth :)


1. Toothpaste

Dr. Bronner's all- one toothpaste is made of 70% organic products, which is pretty amazing. The texture of the paste takes some getting used to because toothpaste does not foam like crest or colgate does. The mint flavor is wonderful and leaves my mouth feeling very fresh. I have been enjoying using it and would definitely recommend.

2. Toothbrush

Have you looked at the handle of your toothbrush and thought about that hunk of plastic in your hands? Well, since I just talked about toothpaste, I thought it was appropriate to talk about my toothbrush switch. I recently bought bamboo toothbrushes from amazon and I can honestly say that they work just as well as normal toothbrushes. There are fewer bristles, but brushing a couple seconds longer is worth it.


3. Soap

I've been making the switch from bath and body works liquid soap and dove body bars to natural homemade soaps. I am using one that was given to me by my mom. It's made with coconut oil and goats milk which is so moisturizing and does a really good job of cleaning as well. I also recommend this as well.

4. Lotion

There are many shops on etsy that make wonderful lotions made with almond oils and essential oils for scents. Again, I've been trying one that I got for Christmas and it has been great. I've been doing some studying online and found that many people on the natural products wagon are making their own lotions with organic oils and a hand mixer. That's definitely something I'd like to try one day for sure. 


What natural products have you tried that you liked?