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Midterms as Told by Animal GIFs



1.     The cycle of going somewhere to get food and study there, then not studying but you’ll study in your room, but then you decide you’re hungry so you’ll study at McClurg. Repeat cycle.

So excited for stress eating then feeling disgusted with yourself then not caring because food.


2.     Freaking out because you care too much.

Yes my freaking out face is the same as a derpy pugs, problem? 


3.     Giving zero fucks.

Caring about grades as much as this cat cares about opinions.


4.     Worrying about the fact you give zero fucks.

This GIF pretty much sums up my entire academic life.


5.     Procrastinating via Cat videos

Just one more cat video I swear!


6.     Being judged for your smudged eyeliner and mascara but beauty comes after grades so whatever.

Smudged eyeliner is the key factor of a person just not caring.


7.     Staring. At everything. Blankly. And smiling because you’ve finally broken.

Fine? Of course I’m fine. Life is so good. I’m not broken or anything.


8.     Just having Netflix on for “background noise” then realizing it’s 12 AM and you’ve watching the entire first season of Dr. Who.

What even is life.


9.     Comforting/being comforted by friends on your tenth mental breakdown.

There, there friend. I believe in you!


10. Not sleeping at all whatsoever for three days straight

Hmm, what? Oh no, I’m good! Not sleepy at all.


11. Stress sleeping to avoid reality

Shhh, I’m coping.


12. Begging your parents to let you come back home for forever

I promise to be the perfect child just don’t make me go back!


13. Just laying on the floor and contemplating what life would have been like if you have moved away to Alaska (or became a stripper)

If only I could move my butt like this otter… 


14. Standing in the shower for hours… And hours… And hours… 

Okay, could someone quit using up all the hot water please? I need to have some water therapy as well!


15. BONUS: Reaching for High GPAs like:

I got this! No?

Okay this time! Nope.

Now?… Uh uh.


I give up. 

Born and raised in Dandridge, TN, Taylor is a simple pre-law anthropology major and is a fan of anything cute/fluffy, reading, tea/coffee, and cats. Her patronus is Harley Quinn. 
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