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Get to know our Cutie!

Name: Lucy the Dog

Major: Forestry, I wanted to learn more about the trees I was peeing on, with a minor in WAGS

Relationship status: Single, but that SNU puppy is looking pretty cute #cradlerobber

Extracurricular Activities: Begging for food outside of McClurg, being tied to a tree

Best Class You’ve taken at Sewanee: Aviation, I really enjoy the challenge of flying a plane with no thumbs

Signature Dance Move: Puttin’ my paws in the air like I just don’t care

Go-to McClurg Line: McClurg comes to ME.

Most Attractive Quality in a Guy: Isn’t neutered*

Biggest Pet Peeve: People always wiping their hands on me –hello, I’m not a napkin!

Spirit Animal: Beta

Weird Body Fact: I’m naked… all the time

Describe your sexlife in a Movie Title: 101 Dalmations

Most embarrassing song on your iTunes: Who let the dogs out? (Baja Men, am I right?)


We found even more reasons to love Lucy during an interview with her human, Mallory MacRostie! by Jane Bartlett Pappas

Mallory got Lucy at the pound in DC when she was four months old. Lucy is now a healthy two year old pup! Mallory says, “Lucy is a stage 5 clinger–very attached and loyal.” Lucy doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to sleeping in the bed with Mallory. She will cry until Mallory lets her jump in bed! Despite her loyalty to Mallory, Lucy loves to roam around campus and has become friends with many students! Sometimes she even attends Mallory’s French Seminar class. She has become quite popular. While Lucy trots around campus, she enjoys chasing squirrels and begging for food outside of McClurg. “Lucy has made my experience at Sewanee a thousand times better,” says Mallory, “And I always have someone to come back to at night, which is so much better than boys.”



Sewanee '00

Larkin Parker is a sophomore politics major at Sewanee: The Univeristy of the South! Her favorite color is all the colors in the rainbow! Her favorite food is everything! When Larkin grows up she wants to be a veteraniarian, a ballerina, a unicorn and a political campaign manager! In her free time she likes to play dress up, make new dog friends and annoy the people around her in the library!
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