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Links We Love: LoveYoSelf Edition

Happy Wednesday and welcome to this week’s LoveYoSelf edition of Links We Love! As Friday approaches, you may be without a Valentine, but so what? Make Feb. 14th a day to take care of yourself! Let your body and mind know how much you love them! The content this week is aimed to awaken your inner beauty (guys, this includes you!) and features some hysterical V’tine’s Day cards, sweet (and thought-provoking) videos, self-love articles, and so much more to ensure this LoveYoSelf Day is all it can be! 

Facts That Make You Happy To Be You  via BuzzFeed Video

Hey, you! Yeah, you’re extremely special. AND unique. Did you know that? Well now you do. Check out this BuzzFeed video about little things you probably never realized made you entirely amazing, and a miracle of the universe. 

10 Really Easy Ways You Can Love Yourself More Today via Gala Darling

This article is only one out of many included on this site about radical self love! Gala is incredibly passionate about this project, and she has even written a book on the subject. This article, specifically, includes some ways you can inspire yourself in your every day life. I highly encourage you to take some time, click through her site, and take the plunge into loving yo self!

*Start out with some of that. ^^

The 6 Weirdest Things Women Do To Their Vaginas via AlterNet

Ok, guys, this article doesn’t really apply to you, but this could save some women’s lives. As we all know, a central part of loving yourself is loving (and taking care of) your body! Here are some examples of things we as women have been told are medically beneficial to us, but in truth they may hurt us more than we know. Take a minute and read through this article just to make sure everything’s working as it should, and if anything spikes some worry, please check up with your gynecologist!


Just In Case You Need Help Figuring Out Whether A Dude Is A Real Man… via Upworthy

Ok, so to throw our male readers some special love, here’s a chart depicting “what makes a man a man”. With a lot of the attention on us ladies, the boys in our lives need some love too! So, if I ever hear someone saying something like, “Man up,” or ,”He’s not a real man because blah blah blah,” I will kindly direct them to this chart.

*Gaston is not a man you should aspire to be.

This Father Just DESTROYED Society’s Definition Of Beauty via Viralnova

Grab a box of tissues, because this article made me sob. If you’re looking for some LoveYoSelf Day inspiration, look no further. Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a psychologist and dad of 3, has been writing letters to his young daughter for some time. This one deconstructs the evils the media whispers in our ears about what is expected of women, and tweaks them to portray a positive message we can all take something from.


7 Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles via Your Tango

If you are celebrating LoveYoSelf Day alone this year, there’s no reason to make it a bummer fest filled with tears and a pint of ice cream (but if this is what you need, go for it!). Instead, try out some of these ideas to turn your Feb. 14th into a day all about you, what you love, and personal growth. Note: there are 2 pages to the article.

My Beautiful Woman via YouTube

Ok, y’all, here’s another tear-jerker. This video, created by a Thai company for their Beauty Inside campaign, will tear your heart into more pieces than you thought possible. It chronicles the incredible (true) story of a woman and her child, and the man who recognized her beauty in a different context than we are used to as a society. Simply beautiful.

Some E Cards

Ok, for some comic relief after you pick the pieces of your heart up off the floor, sneak a peek at these awesome cards you can send to friends, your boo, or yo self! These can get a little raunchy, just FYI, but they do have one for EVERY situation imaginable!

*Warning: Not as good as a card from RDJ, of course.

I hope y’all have enjoyed this week’s LoveYoSelf edition of Links We Love! Feel free to email me at [email protected] and tell me what you’d love to see next week, and remember to follow @hercampussewanee on Instagram and @hcsewanee on Twitter. We want to hear what you love about yourself, so hashtag a tweet or a pic with #loveyoself, tag the Her Campus Sewanee account, and have a fantastically glorious week!





Madison is a sophomore from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She enjoys Christmas in July, things that sparkle, gender equality and LGBT activism, meditating, video games, and sushi. She is majoring in both English and Anthropology and hopes to become a journalist or researcher in Linguistic Anthropology. 
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