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Midterms are here and that means we all have a lot going on.  But just because we’re busy, doesn’t mean our hair can’t look fantastic.  Here are a few quick and easy tips for those days when you barely roll out of bed on time.


1. Detangle- brush or comb your hair to get the knots out.  This can do wonders for waking up your look.

2. Dry Shampoo- This is essential whether you’re wearing your hair up or down.  I recommend Rockaholic by Bed Head, it leaves my hair looking clean and it smells good!

3. Do Something with it- you don’t need to pull your hair back or put it into an updo but fluff it up or add an accessory to make it look like you tried.

4. Try Pulling it up- yeah I know I just said you don’t have to, but unwashed hair looks a lot better up, and the dry shampoo will help hold it. 

5. Keep it in place- adding a little bit of hairspray to tame frizz also makes it look like you spent more time on your hair than you actually did. Masterpiece by Bed Head is my favorite.

6. Cover it up- worst case scenario, just put on a hat or a cute bandana, it looks good and it everyone will be too busy complimenting it to notice that you’re having a bad hair day.

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Carley Roe

Sewanee '18

Carley is currently a senior.  She is a psych major with an education minor, because she really likes kids and talking about her feelings.  Carley is from Columbus, Ohio and relocated to the south for the "better weather".  She loves dogs, horses, nail polish, dresses, and bows. In her free time she enjoys texting her mom, horseback riding, reading, and netflix.  Her dislikes include jogging, being cold, and eels.  Learn more about her here!
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