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We all know that part of going to college is learning to live with other people, but sometimes living with people who you don’t know can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help with the room assignment process!


  1. Fill out the roommate matching form accurately. Don’t write it as the person you want to become, but rather as the person that you are currently. It’s better to grow into the person you are destined to become while your in college instead of saying what you want to be before you even start dealing with the stress of college life.


2. When you meet your roommate(s) for the first time, be friendly and get to know them! Talk about your schedules, study habits, extracurriculars, or anything that will impact the way you use your shared space. 



3. Make a roommate agreement! Decide what time you want the lights to be off, and make known what is shared property and what’s not! Establish visiting hours and what is expected when people are over. This will help to avoid any issues later on, so, write it down and sign it! Contracts are a part of growing up! #adulting


4. Hang out with each other! You don’t need to be best friends but you should be on easy speaking terms. Decide that you will have a night in together once a month (face masks and a movie anyone?) this time will help to make the space feel like it is both of yours.


5. Remember this- you and your roommate will be living together for the next year. That being said, respect each other. If you have issues address them with each other. There is nothing worse than holding a grudge against the person you live with- bad energy makes living in your space a challenge!


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