Hats You Need in Your Wardrobe this Year

I love hats. They’re an often-overlooked accessory that can really make an outfit in my opinion.  Here are some cute ideas for adding hats to your wardrobe!


A fun baseball cap

This one is perfect for those days when you wake up and your hair is not happening.  They’re also a really great way to add some personality to an outfit. The Internet is full of great baseball hats, but I recommend checking out Etsy, I found about a million that I want!

A floppy hat

These just scream fall to me. They’re cute and a little alternative and they pair perfectly with a cup of nice coffee.  Throw one of these on with a dress and boots and you’ve got a perfect fall outfit!

A knit beanie

I’m pretty sure everyone owns one of these already, but if you don’t you totally should! They’re cozy, casual, and cool, perfect for Sewanee women! Pair them with jeans and an alternative music playlist for the ultimate casual Friday.

A beret

I’m a little surprised at how many berets I’ve seen this season. I think they’re fun and flirty; all you need is a little confidence to pull it off.  I hope I start seeing them around campus!

Bonus: Hair Accessories

Hair bows are everywhere this season and I’ve been getting really into them.  They’re easy to just throw on with a ponytail and they can really pull an outfit together.  They can also be a fun bracelet if you don’t want to wear your hair up all day.