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Happy Skin is Tanned Skin

It’s the time of year again girls: shorts weather. This means those pale legs you’ve been hiding under leggings must make their blinding appearance (literally). But don’t worry! I am here to save the eyes of others, your skin, and a possible heat stroke from wearing pants all summer. You only need one thing: tanning lotion.


Not only is tanning lotion a creation of the Gods, it also has a lot of benefits besides making your skin look amazing in that bright yellow top. Most tanning lotion are also moisturizing (which you should be doing everyday anyway, ladies!). Using tanning lotion also removes the necessity to miserably sweat in the sun to maybe get that bronzed look you so desperately want, but in reality, you’ll probably get a sun burn and some terrible tan lines. Best of all, tanning lotion can be applied in the comfort of your home, in front of the mirror, with no clothes on!


There are some necessary steps you must take before applying tanning lotion and before I go into my favorite brands of tanning lotion.

  1. Exfoliate – I cannot express this difference this makes through words, so please just believe me. Scrub yourself down in the shower before you become a bronzed goddess.
  2. Use gloves or a tanning mitt – Your hands will thank you.
  3. Apply at night or after a shower – I have always found it’s better to apply at night or right after your shower (combine both for a perfect world of tanning). At night, your tan has time to set in while you sleep, and after your shower is important for step one.

Now to my favorite types of tanning lotion! Self-tanning is a lifestyle, and you have to find the one that works best for you.

1. Jergens Natural Glow

Pros: It’s a gradual tanner, so you can get to the color you like then apply every other day. Also, it’s a tanner and daily moisturizer in one.

Cons: You will smell like a tanning bed if you use it every single day. My tip would be to apply every other day and alternate with a scented lotion.

Where I’ve seen this: Target, CVS, Wal-Mart

2. Malibu Golden Glow

Pros: It smells amazing, and you will feel smooth and silky all day.

Cons: The gradual tanner takes a little longer than the Jergens brand. You may not see the results you want until after a solid week of use.

Where I’ve seen this: Wal-Mart

3. Jergens Instant Sun

Pros: If you suck at waiting like me, you can be tan today!

Cons: You need to make sure you’ve applied evenly or you’ll look like a human Dalmatian.

Where I’ve seen this: Target, CVS, Wal-Mart

4. Sally Hands Airbrush Sun

Pros: Girl, you will be tan so fast people will think you just came back from a three-week vacation.

Cons: If you do not apply evenly, you WILL look like a pageant girl that got a terrible spray tan.

Tip: Apply and night then scrub your body in the shower the next morning. The color will still be there, but it may not look as splotchy.

Where I’ve seen this: Wal-Mart, CVS

5. L’oreal Sublime Bronze

Pros: Instant tan, so you can be ready for the blind date or music festival at the beach in seconds

Cons: When it means “instant shimmer”, it means you will have a ton of glitter on you. Perfect for festival season, right?

Where I’ve seen this: Wal-Mart, Target


*Don’t forget to exfoliate before and wash your hands after applying! Happy tanning.*




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