Gus Dapperton: Style and Dream Pop

Gus Dapperton, maybe you love his music, maybe you have never heard of him. For those in the latter, he is a 20 year old musician with a very unique sound and style. He sports a short bowl haircut, and isn't afraid to wear eyeshadow, nail polish, or whatever to be himself.

For those who like dream pop, or are looking for some songs to check out for their Sunday song playlist, or just want to be a little bit more a hipster, check out his music!

My favorite song of his is "Prune, you Talk Funny" which has a super stylized music video which showcases his vibes perfectly.  Another of his music videos is "Moodna, Once with Grace", definitely check it out too.

For those more interested in his style, his clothes have some thrift store 70's vibes, matched with his own unique influences. With his attention to detail, his music videos are great displays of his style, featuring oversized clothing, bright colors, and of course the bowl haircut.

Here is a link to his website.

And here is a link to his soundcloud

Happy listening!