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Get That Winter Glow

Baby, it’s cold outside! With winter coming, you’ll need to take care of yourself and your skin. Add some glow to your routine to keep it from being dry, flaky and dull! Your friends will be jealous!


Using an exfoliator or body scrub first will help buff away all the dead skin that’s on your body. Trader Joe’s makes an amazing body scrub that won’t break the bank. My skin always feels so smooth and soft after using it. There are also many body scrubs that make your skin feel like a baby’s bottom. Did you know exfoliating can increase blood circulation and help achieve healthy glowing skin? (Sign me up!)


Don’t wipe, pat

This is a skin tip that I learned from Youtube when I started getting into makeup and skincare. After washing your face or taking a shower, soak up the water on your face/ body by patting it dry rather than wiping. The tugging from wiping can cause extra dryness. Bonus tip: Use this trick for hair too instead of rubbing the hair between the towel!


Apply self-tanner

After exfoliating and patting dry, now is the time to apply self tanner. It really is wonderful because it gives you a healthy glow without being exposed to those potentially harmful sun rays. L’oreal’s sublime self tanning mist is a great option for that natural tanned look. My favorite thing about this self tanner is that it doesn’t turn your skin orange, unlike other self-tanners out there!


Apply Sunscreen

If you thought that sunscreen is only for the summertime, you’re wrong. Whenever the sun is shining, your skin is exposed to the UV rays that can cause damage to your skin, even when the temperature outside is freezing. Using moisturizer with SPF is an easy way to protect your skin. It’s a plus that wearing sunscreen helps keep those wrinkles away too.



Keep moisturizing your skin to avoid the tanner from creasing in the cracks of your skin.  If your skin is dry, using a moisturizer suitable for dry skin types can do wonders. Using a body butter or cream that has a thicker consistency is actually more moisturizing than a lotion. I love my current body utter from Thistle Farms! Slather some on and watch those cracks in your skin disappear.

With finals approaching, hope you’ll find these tips helpful for that easy breezy beautiful winter skin!


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