Funny Procrastination!

Well folks, it’s finals again.  We’re pretty much all losing our minds, and if you’re reading this and you aren’t, congratulations.  Sometimes all this stress is a little too much for us.  Here are a few great videos if you need to laugh it off.


1.  Dogs meeting things

There’s just something so wonderfully amusing about animals.  I’m a dog person, but honestly there’s something here for everyone.


2. Cats Vs Cucumbers

Fun fact, cats do not like cucumbers.  Don’t believe me? Now you have an excuse to watch this hilarious video!


3.  Ice Bucket Challenge Fails 

Remember when we all did the Ice Bucket Challenge? Some of these people probably don’t due to sustaining head trauma.  You might feel guilty laughing, but you definitely will laugh.


4. If Google Was A Guy 

Honestly, this whole five part series is hilarious, but my favorite is the second one.  Check them out for a great laugh.


5. Professor Wikipedia

Another funny one from CollegeHumor.  This one follows the same idea as the Google guy, but it makes Wikipedia into a professor. It makes me appreciate the good people at Sewanee a lot more!


6. News Fails

Local news is a real treasure.  Just go on youtube and look for news fails, you will not be disappointed.  Here’s one of my favorites for your entertainment. 


7. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets 

Another collection of hilarious videos. Watch one, or watch them all, they’re well worth your time!


8. Disney Vines 

I watched two minutes of this and I was cracking up.  Just a little disclaimer though, this one has more swears than all the other videos on this list combined.  You have been warned.


9.  High School Musical Bad Lip Reading 

Another lighthearted video poking fun at some of our childhood favorites.  If you aren’t going to watch the whole thing, skip to five minutes and thirty seconds for the best part of the entire video. 


Well, that’s the best I can do.  Happy procrastinating!