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First Semester Freshman Year as Told by Gifs

All college students start in the same and extrememly awkward place–their first semester freshman year. Throughout the chaos of moving in, orientation, parents weekend, parties, and of course classes, college students everywhere grow and learn. By the time their first winter break roles around, it’s hard to believe how much they’ve accomplished in the past four months. So in review, here’s the first semester freshman year, as told by gifs.

As soon as you recieve your acceptance letter to the school of your choice, the anitcipation of move-in day builds. 

Finally, move-in day arrives…and your parents help carry your things and make awkward small talk with the parents of your hallmates.

Right after your parents leave and you’re fully settled, you realize the lack of air conditioning in your room really does make it feel like the 8th circle of hell.

After your five minutes of relaxation, you rush to the to the fun of ice breakers and introductions that is orientation–and leave just as nervous and confused as you came.

If the awkward run-ins with future classmates weren’t enough, you return to your room and meet your roommate. After a few minutes though, you bond over your love of Beyoncé and Netflix and realize you have a good year ahead of you.

After a short and maybe stressful sleep, you wake up and try to get ready for your first day of classes.

When your first weekend arrives, after a long week of recieving syllabi and being told names you won’t remember, it’s time to let loose–your very first frat party!

And after a crazy night with new friends, you feel pretty comfortable and settled in your new home.

But, when Monday morning comes around, you realize college isn’t all fun and games–and it’s time to get it together.

After a few weeks of hard work, it’s your first parent’s weekend-and everything gets crazy.

But two days later, the weekend is over, and you go through another long week of academic rigor. And as the stress builds up, that mess your roommate made bothers you more and more, and you have your first fight.

But, because you’re new found BFFs, you make up and your bond is even stronger than before.

As rush gets closer and you start thinking about what sorority would fit you best, you attend your first rush event..and stumble home after having an amazing time meeting your possible new sisters.

Fall party? Farty? What’s that, you wonder, and when it finally arrives, you go crazy.

 A few weeks later, Thanksgiving break is in sight. You’re excited to go home watch endless hours of Netflix but are surprised when you actually..miss school and can’t wait to go back.

When you get back to school, excited to see your friends after a long five days, there’s only a short amount of time for fun before it’s time to get ready for finals. Let the stress begin.

But finally, it’s all over. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a well earned winter break.










Bethany is a freshman and potential Biology major and Spanish minor from Silver Spring, Maryland, with a concentration in pre-med. She loves swimming, animals, and any outdoor activity she can do.
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