Family Weekend Events

It's finally Family Weekend on the Mountain, which means tons of people on campus and lots of school-sponsored events. The school puts a lot of time, and money, into making sure Family Weekend is as good as it possibly can be. If you're unsure what to do with your family while they're in town, here's a list of everything happening.

Family Weekend Office Hours- October 5th-6th

Plenty of professors at Sewanee hold special Family Weekend Office Hours so that their students can bring their parents to meet them. This is a wonderful thing because it really enhances the personal relationships that professors like to have with students. Parents can ask questions about the class, the major or minor, or just talk casually with the professor. If one of your professors is holding these hours, they will tell you in advance. There is technically a specific date and time for this set by the university, but not all professors follow that.

Anton in Show Business- October 6th-8th

The theater will be putting on its annual Family Weekend play at the Tennessee Williams Center. This year they will be doing Anton in Show Business, and it's supposed to be amazing per usual. The theater rarely disappoints, so reserve your tickets before they're gone! Admission is free.

Class Sit Ins- October 6th at 8, 9, 10, or 11

One of the things people (read "parents") love about Family Weekend is the opportunity for family to sit in on students' classes. Parents or siblings can attend any class you have on Thursday or Friday at 8, 9,10, or 11 in order to get a feel for what it is like to be a student here at Sewanee.

Convocation- October 6th at 12:00

For those students getting inducted into the Order of the Gown, or getting "gowned" as it colloquially termed, Convocation is the highlight of the weekend. This is the ceremony where your gowning actually occurs, and it's an exciting time. Your parents get to watch you having your gown placed upon your shoulders by a current student, faculty member, or alum in the Order. If you're getting inducted, you will have been sent an email a few weeks back about reserving tickets for the event. If you are unable to attend, you can live stream it. For more information on the Order, check out page two of the Student Governance handbook.

University and Sewanee Cemetary Tour- October 6th from 2-4

James Gipson C'66 will be leading this tour. Though I have never gone on this tour that happens every year, I have visited the cemetary for class, and I can say it is amazing. Listening to the history behind the graves and the layout is extremely cool for any history buff.

Welcome Reception- October 6th from 6-7

The school holds this reception every year, and it's super fun. They provide hors d'oeuvres and alcohol (make sure you to bring your id), and families mix and mingle with one another. Go to Guerry Garth if you wish to partake! The rain location is Convocation.

Outdoor Movie- October 6th at 8:00

The Sewanee Union Theater, or the SUT, hosts an Outdoor Movie Night every year. This year they will be showing Despicable Me 3! Nachos, popcorn, and drinks will be provided for free, but don't forget to bring your own blanket or chair!

Arts and Crafts Fair- October 7th from 9-5

On the Saturday of every Family Weekend, the community holds an Arts and Crafts Fair that showcases all the wonderful artisans of Sewanee. People set up their own booths and tents, displaying their work. It is easy for those at the university to forget that the Mountain holds more than just us, so it's a wonderful reminder that there are so many more people that live here and gives the opportunity for interaction with those you may not usually come across. Just like your typical Arts and Crafts fair, the products range from homemade beauty products to wood carvings.

Family Weekend Brunch- October 7th from 10:30-12:30

Go to the Quad for a traditional brunch held by the university. Admission is free, and your nametag serves as your ticket in. The rain location is McClurg Dining Hall.

Shakerag Hollow Hike- October 7th from 2-4:15

Professor Knoll hosts this hike, which is absolutely beautiful. I love Shakerag Hollow, but get ready to do some serious walking. Definitely bring water and wear hiking boots.

Abbo's Alley Walk

Another amazing spot on Sewanee's campus, Abbo's Alley is more tame than Shakerag. If you want to do something on the Domain without going all out, this is one for you. The walk will be led by Mary Priestley and Yolande Gottfried, who are Sewanee Herbarium curators so you can be sure they know what they're talking about on the walk. 


This is not a complete list of events. For a complete list of everything happening on Family Weekend, visit Sewanee Gateway.