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Everyone Needs This New App

Remember when the world gained access to 3-way calls? Ok probably not, since it seems to be have been around for a while. There was a time when you would have to call multiple friends one at a time in order to figure out what the latest gossip was or what the plan was for that weekend……..then having to recall people whom you called before you got the updated news (sounds never ending!). Fast forward a little bit from that invention, and we are given the gift of video chat – whether you ever dabbled with Oovoo or are a regular with Skype and Facetime, video calling allows for easy communication whether you are in a long-distance relationship or just miss your high school friends. But what if you want to video chat with all your friends at once, and what if you don’t know if they are available to chat? If only there was a way to combine the usefulness of 3-way calling with video chat and the “online” feature of FB chat…. WELL NOW THERE IS!

Meet HOUSEPARTY: An app that allows you to connect with your friends through 1 click, allowing you to virtually party with your peeps no matter what time of day. 

Here are 4 cool features of Houseparty:

  1. The app connects with your phone contacts, allowing you to see who else has the app. By clicking one button, you can invite them to be your friend.
  2. The app sends you notifications when your friends are on the app and ready to talk
  3. You can talk to up to 8 people at one time on the app!
  4. Because it uses Wifi and/or Phone service, you can talk as you’re walking to class.

Ready to download? click here

5 reasons you need it:

  1. You can connect to friends overseas (shoutout to my Aussie friends from camp!)
  2. Need help picking out a formal dress? Everyone is in the same boat… why not have a HOUSEPARTY and call your friends, helping each other pick out the perfect outfit?
  3. Was last night so crazy that you can’t pull yourself out of bed? Need to consult your friends about it? Call them from your phone while you stay in bed!
  4. Plan out our upcoming vacation with your family members back home. Or catch up with your cousins in a different country.
  5. Reconnect with your friends from high school no matter how spread out across the country you are. 

We all know from Snapchat that people prefer to see each other’s faces – after all, it allows you to share your authentic self. You don’t have to worry about the perfect wording to send in a text. You can act yourself – naturally!

Get this hot new app that already has 1.5 million users from the couple of months it has been around! 


Madi is a Senior from Asheville, North Carolina. She has written for the Sewanee chapter of Her Campus since it was founded her Freshman year, and hopes to continue writing after graduation either as a journalist or through work in Public Relations. She loves laughing and hearing people's life stories!
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