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Campus Cutie: Molly Mansfield C’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

Get to know our Cutie!

Name: Molly Mansfield

Nicknames: Mollz Ballz, Big Girl

Birthday: February 19th, 1995

Class: Freshman

Greek Organization: TKP

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Major: Undecided but leaning towards Environmental Studies

Best Class You’ve taken at Sewanee: Introduction to Asian Religions

Signature Pub Order: I wish it was fried pickles, but they don’t serve that, so I guess it’s going to be chicken tenders

Signature Dance Move: Hip thrust  from Hannah Montana’s Nobody’s Perfect song

Go-to McClurg Line: Vegan line

Biggest Pet Peeve: The sound that results from LL Bean backpacks rubbing together

Spirit Animal: Baby lion cub that likes to play in water

Describe your sex life in a Movie Title: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Reasons Why We Love Her

You’ve been rushing and girl flirting for almost four months now and are finally in a sorority. How does it feel to finally be a sister, or a pledge for that matter?

I still can’t believe it. It’s weird, but it’s a good weird… yeah, definitely a good weird. It’s only been a week.. omg like literally a week…and I feel like we are all so close. My favorite part so far has been getting all these friend requests from the actives. It makes me feel so good about myself. Even if they’re friending me solely because they want to get ahold of me for Sterling’s or Pub– I don’t care. I feel popular, so keep ’em coming! I just feel so lucky to finally have the chance to be apart of an amazing sorority with the best girls in the world. Like literally in the entire world. I’m not exaggerating. Write that down, Mary Gray.

What has been your most favorite memory so far from participating in the Bonner Leaders Service Internship Program?

I don’t have one specific memory. It’s been a gradual process, but I think the best part has just been watching my site change and grow over time and seeing the impact that I have made. It’s not only amazing to see how talking and getting to know the people we work with can make such a difference in their lives, but also knowing that it is these people who are really making the biggest difference in our lives and helping us become the people we want to be. Knowing that it is a mutually beneficial relationship is what means so much to me. The Bonner program is wonderful because it allows us to expand our Sewanee experience and it forces us to see a completely different culture, which is really foreign to a lot of us. Going into Grundy county and actually seeing the issues these individuals are facing first hand is so much more powerful than simply seeing stats or hearing it in the classroom…like I’m dead serious. I really encourage everyone to try and build a relationship with outside communities, because it truly is an amazing experience. 

If you had the chance to choose between making one wish come true or redoing something in your life that you regret, which one would you pick? 

Well, I wouldn’t redo anything, because everything that’s happened in my life this far has happened for a reason and has led me to being the person that I am today. And I’m proud of who I am. Instead I would make one wish come true. And that wish would be, to be able to fly so that I could become famous and rich and then have enough money to move to India and start an organization that helps people with special needs, specifically autism.

If you got stranded on Mars for two weeks with a pair of socks, a bag of Cheetos, a guinea pig and a DVD of the bachelor, how would you manage to survive?

Oh, well duh: I would put the socks on my hands and perform some static electricity miracle with a few “bippity boppity boos” and use that electricity to somehow let me watch the Bachelor, all while cuddling with the guinea pig (even though guinea pigs scare me because they’re so small and get lost easily and freak me out). I would then proceed to eat the Cheetos except for two because I would use the last two as antennas in my hair, to try and bond with the Martians, and hopefully make new friends while also scoring some food until it’s time to go home. 

Mary Gray is a freshman from Charlotte, NC. She loves writing, playing with kids, Chick-fil A, dancing and rollar coasters. One day she hopes to own a  teacup pig and be married to Channing Tatum.