Campus Cutie: Ian Wilkinson C'17

As we enter the holiday season, we narrowed our search to that one Sewanee student with the most festive of spirits. Ian Wilkinson, a junior with year-round cheer and charm, has been dubbed our most recent campus cutie in light of his shining personality! Somebody's son, everybody's friend, and an elite scholar on this domain, Ian is a shooting star amongst all the twinkles. If you ever need someone to chat with, hit this boy up, he’s about as friendly as they come. You can catch him on the SNU balcony, late night pub, or even club DuPont; Ian is a triple threat at The University of the South.
Name: Ian Wilkinson
Hometown: New York City, NY 
Fraternity: Sigma Nu
Major: English
Nicknames: Yan
Relationship status: Single
Pub order: Sausage Egg and Cheese
Extra-curricular activities: Sports club
Signature dance move: The cue tip
Spirit animal: Quokka
McClurg line: Omelette, no trout
Where is your favorite place to eat at Sewanee? My favorite place would dolphinately be Waffle House. 
If your sex life was a movie title what would it be? 30 minutes or less
What is one thing on your Sewanee bucket list? Definitely to hike the perimeter trail. I’m not a huge fan of 
exercise or the outdoors, but I would feel bad if I didn’t.
What has been your favorite class here at Sewanee? My favorite class has been 19th Century European 
Painting with Ms. Brennecke. She's an awesome teacher, and I love art history.
Biggest Adventure: I drove throughout Spain into France with my family over the summer, that was 
pretty neat.