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Campus Cutie: Eliot Berz C’16



Get to know Our Cutie!

Name: Eliot Berz

Nicknames: אֵלִיָּהוּ (Eliyahu), Beerz, and Berzstein

Fraternity: Alpha Tau Omega

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Major: Economics

Relationship status: In a relationship

Extracurricular Activities: Rugby, Whitewater Kayaking, and Coaching Wrestling

Signature Pub Order: Mozzarella Sticks, Granger, and Tater Tots

Most attractive qualities in a girl: Outgoing

Spirit Animal: Bear cub

Weird Body Fact: I have two right feet.

Describe your sexlife in a Movie Title: Gone in Sixty Seconds, or Free Willy

Most embarrassing song(s) on your iTunes: all Taylor Swift songs *I hear he likes to dance like he’s twenty-two, ooh, ooh.*

Most embarrassing Sewanee story: I once gave a presentation with a shirt wiener, my tucked-in shirt was coming out of my fly.


Reasons Why We Love Him:

How did you get involved in kayaking?

I started kayaking in 6th grade with a group of friends and soon began to travel around the Southeast, and eventually the country, kayaking.

What is it about kayaking that you like?

It allows me to travel, challenge myself, and see remote places that would be inaccessible without a kayak.

If you could relive one moment from your time at Sewanee, what would it be?

Freshman year!

Sarah Christie, C'16, is a biochemistry major and French minor at Sewanee. When she graduates, she wants to go to vet school. She loves dancing like nobody is watching, meeting new people, eating Pub food, riding horses, and writing for Her Campus. 
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